Courier-Style Note App for Surface Duo

Date: 2024-03-28 17:20:33

Author: Yao Liwei

Courier Style Note App for Surface Duo

Microsoft’s Courier dual-screen device project was disbanded in the mid-2010s. This project drew inspiration from Moleskine notebooks and could be seen as an “electronic notebook.” The Courier consisted of two seven-inch screens connected by a hinge. Users could write on one screen and jot down notes on the other, thereby creating electronic notes.

Later, members of the Courier team founded a studio called Fifty-Three and launched an app named “Paper.” This app supports Simplified Chinese but is only available for iPad/iPhone and does not support Windows and Android systems. Hence, running related software on the Surface Duo might be somewhat disappointing.

In terms of interaction, the app’s UI closely resembles the Courier UX demo from back then. It primarily offers a range of 3D “electronic notebooks,” where users can create new notebooks at any time, write notebook names/record ideas using the Apple Pencil, easily flip through pages with their fingers, and also support split-screen “drag and drop for images and text.”

If you are interested in this, you can visit the store address to learn more.

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