Xiaomi SU7: 8-Month Wait, Orders Full Until 2025

2024-04-07 12:35:47 Author: Yao Liwei

Xiaomi SU7: 8-Month Waiting Period, Orders Full Until 2025

According to the latest information released by Xiaomi Motors, it is estimated that the delivery of Xiaomi SU7 Max will take 29 to 32 weeks from the date of order locking. Considering that we are already in April, this means the waiting time will be delayed until almost 2025.

Simultaneously, there is also immense delivery pressure for the Xiaomi SU7 and Xiaomi SU7 Pro versions, with delivery times estimated to be up to 26 weeks and 27 weeks, respectively.

In the automotive industry, it’s not common for models to require consumers to wait for up to 8 months. Typically, except for top-tier luxury models that take longer due to personalized customization demands, waiting for more than 3 months for most cars can be considered a long time.

However, during the inaugural Xiaomi SU7 vehicle delivery ceremony held on April 3rd, Lei Jun announced that Xiaomi SU7 had attracted over 100,000 users placing orders within just a few days of its launch, with 40,000 orders locked. Such numbers are impressive for a newcomer brand.

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