iPhone 16 Series Battery Specs Revealed

iPhone 16 Series Battery Specifications Revealed

The buzz around the iPhone 16 series is growing stronger by the day. Based on leaked schematics, it seems that the iPhone 16 will feature a vertical arrangement for its rear cameras, accompanied by a new “Capture” button across the entire lineup.

iPhone 16 Series Battery Specs Revealed

Recently, a blogger compiled earlier leaks regarding the battery capacities of the iPhone 16 series. According to this source, the battery capacities are as follows: 3561mAh for the iPhone 16, 4006mAh for the iPhone 16 Plus, 3355mAh for the iPhone 16 Pro, and 4676mAh for the iPhone 16 Pro Max.

iPhone 16 Series Battery Specs Revealed

Upon comparison with previous models, we notice an increase in battery capacity for all three models except the iPhone 16 Plus.

There have been previous leaks suggesting that the iPhone 16 series will feature a stacked battery design. Besides reducing the battery’s physical size, this design is expected to enhance both battery life and heat dissipation.

iPhone 16 Series Battery Specs Revealed

Considering the current scenario, it seems that the iPhone 16 Pro series will come with larger screens. If Apple indeed reduces the battery capacity of the iPhone 16 Plus, it would further differentiate the two tiers of products.

Of course, all the information above is based on leaks and should be taken with a grain of salt. For accurate details, we’ll have to wait for the official announcements from Apple.

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