New Honor 101 Series debuts in May! Tesla cuts 10% of global staff!

At the Baidu AI Developer Conference, CEO Robin Li announced that Wenxin Yiyan has reached over 200 million users, with its API being called 200 million times daily, serving 85,000 customers and boasting 190,000 AI-native applications on its QiFan platform.

Wenxin Yiyan was first released on March 16th last year and became publicly available on August 31st.

Li emphasized that large models and generative AI are revolutionizing the developer ecosystem, with natural language set to become the new standard programming language.

In the future, developing applications will be as simple as shooting a video, making everyone a developer.

It was previously revealed on a CCTV financial show that Wenxin Yiyan 4.0 has surpassed ChatGPT 4.0 in understanding the Chinese language. For instance, while many large models can write acrostic poems, only Wenxin Yiyan understands how to compose in the intricate ‘Qin Yuan Chun’ style, recognizing whether the first line requires four or five characters.

The capabilities of the Wenxin large model 4.0 in understanding, generation, logic, and memory have significantly improved. The enhancements in logic and memory are notably higher, with logical improvement nearly three times that of its understanding capabilities, and memory improvements more than doubling.

I haven’t used Wenxin Yiyan much myself, but Baidu’s early investment in AI is likely to bear fruit, as demonstrated by their partnership with Samsung S24 in China. There are even rumors that Apple’s iPhone 16 series will use Baidu as its AI service provider.

Recently, Tesla began a new round of significant layoffs globally. According to foreign media reports, several factory workers disclosed that they only found out they were fired after having their badges scanned and denied entry at the factory gates.

Local reports last Sunday evening indicate that Tesla announced the layoffs by email, stating that over 10% of the workforce would be cut. However, some employees found out about their termination only upon arriving at work on Monday.

Workers at the Nevada factory in Sparks reported long lines, about two hours, just to enter the factory premises on Monday morning due to badge checks, which are not typically scanned directly but were due to the layoffs. Fired employees were escorted onto different buses and removed from the premises.

The emails sent to the laid-off workers stated, “After a thorough review of our organization, we have made the hard decision to reduce our workforce globally. Unfortunately, this restructure means your position has been eliminated.”

These layoffs were effective immediately, with employees informed about their severance details within 48 hours. By the end of 2023, Tesla employed over 140,000 people worldwide, meaning at least 14,000 people were affected by these cuts.

In his letter, Elon Musk stated, “Part of this process was a thorough review of our organization, leading to the tough decision to reduce our global workforce by 10%. This painful decision is essential for us to refine our operations and innovate bravely for our next growth phase. I am grateful to everyone leaving Tesla for their hard work over the years and wish them well in their future endeavors.”

There was a time when Tesla was praised for its high salaries and excellent employee treatment, contrary to the ‘sweatshop’ conditions reported at local auto manufacturers. Yet in less than two years, Tesla has drastically reduced its workforce by a tenth. Though we support improving worker conditions, it seems Tesla is not exempt from challenges.

The Redmi K70 Ultimate Edition will return to the MediaTek platform, equipped with the flagship MediaTek Dimensity 9300+ processor and an independent graphics chip, making it a dual-core flagship built by Redmi.

Additionally, the Redmi K70 Ultimate will feature a 1.5K OLED flexible display, a metal frame, and a glass back. Its main rear camera boasts 50 million pixels with support for 100W fast charging and a large battery.

The MediaTek Dimensity 9300+ is considered an upgrade from the Dimensity 9300, featuring a CPU with four large cores and four extra-large cores, with the extra-large cores being Cortex-X4 and a main frequency of up to 3.4GHz—higher than its competitor Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 at 3.3GHz.

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