Huawei Pura 70 series now on sale, some models lack Star Flash tech

Huawei Releases New Pura 70 Series Smartphones without Star Flash Technology Support

Huawei announced the official launch of its latest smartphone series, Pura 70, on their website on April 19, 2024. However, some users who have already acquired the products provided feedback that the standard version of the Pura 70 series does not support Huawei’s self-developed Star Flash technology, leading to disappointment among certain users.

Huawei Pura 70 Series

Huawei officially confirmed that the Pura 70 indeed does not support Star Flash technology. On the other hand, the Pura 70 Pro, Pura 70 Pro+, and Pura 70 Ultra models come with this technology as a standard feature. Huawei’s customer service team responded in the comments section of Huawei’s consumer business CEO, Yu Chengdong, stating that only the standard version of the Pura 70 does not support Star Flash, while the other three models come with it.

Star Flash is a next-generation short-distance wireless connection technology developed by Huawei, integrating the collective wisdom of over 300 top domestic and international companies and institutions. It combines the advantages of traditional wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi into a single standard. Compared to traditional wireless connection technologies, Star Flash boasts advantages such as low latency, high speed, high concurrency, high reliability, anti-interference, and precise positioning. It consumes only 60% of the energy of Bluetooth, but its speed is six times faster, with a transmission latency of only 1/30.

Previously, Huawei had equipped Star Flash technology in products such as MatePad Pro 13.2, mice, styli, and FreeBuds Pro 3 headphones. When using smartphones like Pura 70 Pro that support Star Flash to connect with the FreeBuds Pro 3 headphones, users can enjoy lower latency and significantly improved battery performance, leading to a greatly enhanced overall experience.

The release of the Huawei Pura 70 series undoubtedly offers consumers more choices. However, the decision not to support Star Flash technology in the standard version of Pura 70 may impact consumers who were looking forward to this feature. How Huawei aims to better meet consumer needs in its future product strategies will be a focal point of market attention.

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