Q1 2024: Strong Growth in India’s Mobile Market – Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo Lead

Strong Growth in India’s Mobile Market in Q1 2024: Samsung, Xiaomi, and Vivo Lead


On April 21st, it was reported that the Indian smartphone market exhibited robust growth in the first quarter of 2024, according to the latest report from the market research firm Canalys. In this fiercely competitive market, top brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, and Vivo engaged in intense competition, with their market shares being neck and neck, resulting in a tripartite situation.

The report reveals that in the first quarter of this year, smartphone sales in India reached 35.3 million units, an increase of nearly 5 million units compared to the same period in 2023, representing a remarkable year-on-year growth rate of 15%. This growth rate reflects the sustained demand for smartphones in the Indian market and the vibrancy of the market.

Among the major brands, Samsung secured the top spot with shipments of 6.7 million units, followed closely by Xiaomi and Vivo with shipments of 6.4 million units and 6.2 million units respectively, ranking second and third. OPPO (excluding OnePlus) and realme also achieved commendable results, with shipments reaching 3.7 million units and 3.4 million units respectively.


The successful launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 garnered more attention for the brand, with its powerful artificial intelligence features and appealing marketing campaigns driving an increase in sales. Meanwhile, Xiaomi’s successful execution of its mass-market 5G strategy with products like the Redmi 13C 5G and Redmi Note 13 5G series also contributed significantly to its growth.

Furthermore, the report highlights that brands such as Motorola, Infinix, and Apple also achieved double-digit growth. Particularly, Apple’s iPhone 15 model stood out successfully, garnering consumer favor thanks to multiple price reductions and promotional activities.

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