Demand plummets! Apple’s Vision Pro significantly discounted on US resale platforms.

Apple’s Vision Pro Experiences Significant Drop in Demand and Resale Value

On April 28, according to the latest report from 快科技 (Tech Fast), Apple’s Vision Pro headset, which was released in the American market in February this year, is now facing a significant decline in demand and a substantial drop in resale value. The initial retail price of the headset was $3499 (approximately ¥25,000), which caused a buying frenzy at its launch. At the time, resellers in China even managed to inflate the price to around $100,000.

However, less than three months after its release, the popularity of Vision Pro has waned considerably, leading to a sharp decrease in demand and a consequent drop in resale value on second-hand platforms.

According to The Verge, resale prices on the American platform eBay show that Vision Pro is now being heavily discounted.

For instance, a 1TB version of Vision Pro (priced at $3899 on the official website), along with $500 for Apple Care+ and a $200 original travel protection case, was sold on eBay this Wednesday for $3200, marking a discount of nearly $1400.

Reportedly, due to unsatisfactory user experience, many initial buyers of Apple Vision Pro have opted to return their headsets.

Industry insiders have concluded that some customers are returning Vision Pro primarily due to its bulky appearance, causing fatigue with prolonged wear, and overall discomfort. Some users have also reported experiencing eye fatigue from the display screen.

Additionally, many users have pointed out the lack of compelling “killer apps” on Vision Pro at the moment.

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