Get top value with our 12th-gen i3 mini PC, outperforming N100 with unbeatable cooling.

Get Top Value with Our 12th Gen i3 Mini PC, Outperforming N100 with Unbeatable Cooling

This year, there are more and more people playing with mini PCs. It seems like CPU performance is really more than enough, as everyone enjoys using them as NAS, soft routers, download machines, or TV boxes. Apart from the regular N90 and N100 chip mini PCs, are there any good options with slightly stronger performance, but with a brand new cost that can be kept within a thousand?

Mini PC

Recently, while browsing through “What to Buy,” I stumbled upon a mini PC that uses the i3-1215U processor, branded as “Beikong”. I checked and found out it’s a company based in Shenzhen, specializing in industrial control computers and switches. By the way, let me complain about this title; they wrote i3 as 13, which made my brain cells die instantly. I’ve never heard of a “13-1215U” processor before!

Speaking of the price, the original price is 1170.72 yuan, but after the coupon, it’s 885.72 yuan. This is just for the bare system price; you can buy a used 8GB RAM stick and a 128GB SSD separately, and the cost can be kept within 1000 yuan.


In terms of appearance, the dimensions of the whole machine are 178 x 126 x 56mm, and it weighs 1.6kg. Placed on a TV cabinet, it looks like an Android box and also supports power-on boot. After opening the A-shell panel of the machine, you can see a huge heat sink and a fan in the middle. The cooling effect is straightforward and effective, making it perfect for enjoying movie downloads for 24 hours.


Opening the entire aluminum alloy shell, you can see the internal motherboard. In addition to the memory slots, it also comes with a MINI PCIE slot for expansion, but it does not support the SATA protocol. Compared to the common N100 mini PC, the i3-1215U has two more large cores than the N100, making its performance roughly 1.75 times that of the N100, so it’s also suitable as an office computer.

Internal Components

Now, let’s talk about the ports. There are a total of 5 network ports on the back, including 4 2.5G Ethernet ports and one RJ45-COM port. Actually, there are also a bunch of ports on the front, but I couldn’t find a real photo, so I just took a promotional image. You can see four USB ports, 1 HDMI port, 1 DP port, and even a SIM card slot. In daily use, this mini machine has a default power consumption of 24.5W, and with hyper-threading turned off, it only consumes 22W. The fan is also very quiet, so there’s really nothing to complain about.

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