“Dream big, achieve big” with the Find X7! New color now available!

Dream Big Achieve Big with the Find X7 New Color Now Available

OPPO has launched a new color for the Find X7 today, named “Dreamer in Daylight,” providing consumers with more choices. The new color adopts a unique enamel processing technique, exuding a soft and delicate gloss like white porcelain, bringing a refreshing feeling of early summer.

The Find X7 “Dreamer in Daylight” embodies the belief and courage of daring to dream and dare to do, resilience, and unlimited potential, interpreting design inspiration through color and craftsmanship, hoping to inspire every young person to embrace their ideals.

The OPPO Find X7 in the new color starts at 3,999 yuan, with interest-free installment payments for up to 24 months, available for sale from 10:00 am on April 28th.

Dream Big Achieve Big with the Find X7 New Color Now Available

With flagship performance surpassing the Pro and a unique AI experience, the OPPO Find X7 has seen a significant increase in sales. According to the latest data from authoritative institutions, sales of the Find X7 have increased by 132% compared to the previous generation in the three months since its launch, widely recognized by the market.

The Find X7 is equipped with a new generation of Ultra Vision Imaging System co-developed by OPPO and Hasselblad, providing an unprecedented Hasselblad master imaging experience across the entire focal length range. The Find X7 features an upgraded Ultra Vision Tri-camera system with a larger 1/1.4-inch 50-megapixel Ultra Vision Wide-angle Camera, a higher-resolution 64-megapixel Ultra Vision Periscope Telephoto Camera, and a 119° Ultra Vision Ultra-wide-angle Camera, covering optical quality focal lengths from 15mm to 140mm. It brings a multi-camera zoom experience comparable to Hasselblad lenses with excellent portability, achieving freedom in composition across distances.

Dream Big Achieve Big with the Find X7 New Color Now AvailableCaptured by Find X7’s professional Hasselblad portrait mode.

Thanks to the dual blessing of large models and AI deep computing, the Find X7’s Hasselblad professional portrait mode achieves unprecedented precision, blurring even individual strands of hair and not missing any accessories, bringing the strongest portrait effect to new heights and effortlessly capturing exclusive portrait masterpieces.

Dream Big Achieve Big with the Find X7 New Color Now Available

OPPO has expanded the Ultra Vision Imaging Engine to video for the first time, bringing the first Android full focal length 4K Dolby Vision HDR video recording. High dynamic range combined with hyper-realistic details records every precious moment vividly, supporting 4K Dolby Vision HDR video recording across the entire focal length range, providing a more immersive viewing experience for video recording on Android, achieving unprecedented smoothness, stability, and realism.

Dream Big Achieve Big with the Find X7 New Color Now Available

OPPO has set a new flagship standard for AI phones with the Find X7 series. The Find X7 series is the world’s first smartphone with a 7-billion-parameter large language model applied on-device, and it is also the industry’s first smartphone tested by national authoritative institutions. With the update of large model capabilities, it brings over 100 features including Xiao Bu Assistant, AI Elimination, AI Call Summary, and Xiao Bu English Teacher, allowing users to truly experience OPPO’s leading AI experience in their daily lives.

Dream Big Achieve Big with the Find X7 New Color Now Available

The Find X7, as the ultimate flagship surpassing the Pro, is equipped with a self-developed Tidal Architecture, providing a chip-level performance solution for the flagship MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chip, achieving ultimate energy efficiency performance. It can efficiently and stably schedule performance, ensuring long-term smooth operation of the system. Even in heavy-load scenarios like prolonged gaming sessions, it can guarantee a high-quality, high-frame-rate experience, allowing the Find X7 to achieve unprecedented performance levels, ranking first in platform performance benchmarks[1], surpassing the industry Pro in standard performance.

In addition, the Find X7 integrated with Tidal Architecture and Dimensity 9300 features a 5000mAh large battery, providing the top-level endurance experience currently available. With 100W SuperVOOC flash charging, it supports charging while playing, providing users with a durable and reliable endurance experience.

[1] Benchmark ranking data refers to the Antutu March 2024 Android device performance list, with reference to the benchmark data of models using the Dimensity 9300 platform. Actual data may vary slightly due to factors such as usage environment, device condition, and software version. Please refer to actual data for accuracy.

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