Honor “Compromises”, 16GB+256GB Slashed to CNY 1688, 200MP+Eye Care Screen!

When we choose a mobile phone, we often focus on the hardware specifications because they determine the user experience. However, for most ordinary users, the first thing they notice is the phone’s appearance. If a phone looks good, it will definitely be popular, and it also needs to be light and easy to handle. Contrary to what we may think, many ordinary users do not bother to understand the hardware specifications of their phones. As long as it is smooth and easy to use, it will be considered a great phone. Therefore, some phones do not need to have outstanding hardware specifications, as they enjoy high sales and reputation.

If the budget is sufficiently high, then flagship and high-end devices will definitely be the first choice. Their overall configuration will be better, which means a better user experience. However, for low-priced phones, the user experience can be average or even poor, causing a lot of trouble. Some phone manufacturers have launched high cost-effective phones that aim to offer excellent user experience at a suitable price. If your budget is within CNY 2,000, the Honor 90 is a great option. It was originally developed as a flagship phone, but its price has now dropped to below CNY 2,000.

Within the price range of CNY 2,000, the Honor 90 can be considered as a phone in the “thousand-yuan” range. Although the Honor 90 has now fallen into the budget segment, its overall configuration is not lacking. In the same price range, its overall configuration has significant advantages. First of all, its appearance is visually stunning and is no different from flagship or high-end devices. The front is made of a curved screen, and the back is made of glass, making the body light and thin. This phone was originally priced from CNY 2,499 and was built to flagship standards. Now, Honor has “compromised,” and both the 16GB and 256GB models are available for less than CNY 2,000.

This phone is advertised to have a great photo experience, with a rear 200-megapixel ultra-clear camera that produces very clear images, even compared to lenses on phones that cost three to four times more. Additionally, it comes with an ultra-wide-angle lens and a 50-megapixel front-facing camera for selfies. This means that images captured are very clear and can be displayed on the phone’s screen immediately. Within its price range, this phone’s camera performance is undoubtedly among the top.

This phone is equipped with a Snapdragon 7Gen1 enhanced version processor, which is not much to say for a mid-range chip. Among phones with similar prices, it is considered mainstream and can easily handle everyday usage. The phone has a smooth operating system, and, despite its body being just 7.8mm thin, it has a large 5,000mAh battery that can last a long time. The 66W fast charge can also quickly charge it up. The Honor 90 has attractive features in every aspect, which makes it competitive. However, with the changes in the market today, it has become more affordable, and sales have skyrocketed.

In Conclusion

If your budget falls below CNY 2,000 and you are someone who loves taking photos, as well as cares about the phone’s appearance, then the Honor 90 undoubtedly has no competition. Even in the same price range, it still has strong performance. After the price drop, the 16GB+256GB model can be purchased for around CNY 1,688, which is a great deal.

This phone not only looks good and takes great photos but also comes with an excellent eye-protecting curved screen, reliable core performance and excellent endurance

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