Ready to push performance limits? MediaTek Dimensity 9400 unveiled: Boosted by X5 mega core.

MediaTek Dimensity 9400 Rumored to Boost Performance with “BlackHawk” CPU Architecture

On April 28th, renowned tech blogger @TechTalkLeisure revealed that MediaTek’s next-generation flagship processor, Dimensity 9400, will feature an ARM architecture codenamed “BlackHawk,” with a significant increase in instructions per cycle (IPC). @TechTalkLeisure also mentioned in the comment section that thanks to the BlackHawk Cortex-X5 mega core, Dimensity 9400 will deliver performance comparable to PC-level capabilities. When asked about the chip’s power consumption, the blogger indicated that the Dimensity 9400, based on TSMC’s N3 process, will offer improved energy efficiency.


In fact, just by looking at the IPC performance, one can gauge the energy efficiency of Dimensity 9400. According to the formula proposed by Intel, CPU performance equals IPC (the number of instructions executed in a single clock cycle) multiplied by frequency (clock speed in MHz). Under similar performance conditions, higher IPC leads to lower required frequency, which is usually proportional to power consumption. This means that when Dimensity 9400 achieves the same level of performance as other chips, its power consumption will be lower.

Furthermore, better IPC performance indicates higher potential chip performance. Coupled with a complete mega core design, Dimensity 9400’s performance is poised to reach new heights.


The power of complete mega core design was evident in the past with Dimensity 9300. Devices such as OPPO Find X7 and vivo X100 series featuring Dimensity 9300 achieved Antutu benchmark scores of around 2.1 million, repeatedly topping the flagship phone performance list. Under MediaTek’s optimization, Dimensity 9300 also exhibited outstanding energy efficiency and heat dissipation. The entire vivo X100 series is currently equipped with Dimensity 9300, achieving a total sales revenue of over 1 billion RMB on the first day, indicating the affirmation from both smartphone manufacturers and consumers towards Dimensity 9300.


After its release on November 6th last year, Dimensity 9300 showed impressive performance. It is expected that Dimensity 9400 will be unveiled around November this year. @TechTalkLeisure’s insider sources have revealed positive feedback on the chip’s performance. With approximately six more months for optimization and calibration at MediaTek, it is believed that the chip’s actual performance will surpass the initial leaks. As per tradition, the vivo X200 series might become the first models to feature Dimensity 9400, potentially launching by mid-November at the earliest.

It is undeniable that MediaTek’s Dimensity series has visibly expanded in the 5G era, from Dimensity 1000 to Dimensity 9300, scaling one peak after another.

In addition to continued advancements in performance, MediaTek is exploring the AI field and collaborating with well-known AI companies such as Baidu and Alibaba. Dimensity 9300 has integrated support for the T-All Big Model, a large-scale language model for AI applications. In today’s environment where AI functions in smartphones are becoming increasingly rich and significant, Dimensity 9400’s CPU, GPU performance, and power consumption are worth our attention, and its AI performance is equally anticipated.

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