Fast Technology reported on May 5th that Samsung recently released a short video titled “Samsung users waking up on time today” (watch the video here), poking fun at the recent iOS update that caused the iPhone alarm clock to fail to ring.

The background music of the video is the default alarm tone of Samsung phones. In the video, a small dog wearing a hat dances to the tune, and above the dog, a caption reads, “Rest assured, our alarm rings.”

Previously, many iPhone users complained that their set alarms did not respond at the scheduled time, or even if they did, there was no sound or vibration.

Apple has also acknowledged this bug in the iPhone alarm clock and stated that the team is working hard to fix it.

In addition to the bug of alarms not ringing, for users in China, the biggest regret regarding the iPhone alarm is the lack of a holiday alarm function.

Although Apple has provided localized services for Chinese users, such as the iPhone’s built-in calendar showing workdays after adjustments, there is still room for improvement in automatically recognizing adjusted holidays in the alarm function.

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