“Behold the Thanos of Imaging!” Vivo X100 Ultra officially announced with a 200 Megapixels Zeiss APO Super Telephoto lens.

As time progresses, it can now be confirmed that the all-new vivo X100 Ultra will meet everyone after the May Day holiday.

Today, Jia Jingdong, Vice President of vivo brand and General Manager of Brand and Product Strategy, teased about the vivo X100 Ultra.

vivo X100 Ultra

Jia Jingdong referred to the vivo X100 Ultra as the “Imaging Thanos,” originally developed under the internal code name “Thanos.” The new device is a “professional camera” with crushing advantages. However, it happens to make calls, including satellite calls.

Jia Jingdong revealed that inspired by the “six gems,” the “Thanos” development plan also includes “six major telephoto imaging extremes”: high-speed motion, low-light portraits, polar starry sky, extreme macro, telephoto suspension sun, and telephoto stage (concert artifact).

Jia Jingdong stated that the vivo X100 Ultra is the pinnacle of vivo’s self-developed imaging technology blueprint, a milestone in “co-research” with optical pioneer Zeiss, and a “masterpiece” completed with supply chain partners.

vivo X100 Ultra

Specifically, the vivo X100 Ultra brings together a 200-megapixel Zeiss APO super telephoto lens with an HP9 sensor. APO stands for Apochromatic, which Jia Jingdong claims is the world’s most powerful chromatic aberration correction telephoto lens, enhancing clarity and sharpness while reproducing natural colors, making the 200 million pixels truly authentic. The 200 million pixels of the vivo X100 Ultra will fully retain the original resolution and all details of the sensor. The vivo X100 Ultra also supports full focal range portraits, boasting a “unique industry feature of directly outputting portrait advertisement posters,” maintaining advertising-level quality even with any cropping of the image.

vivo X100 Ultra

The main camera of the vivo X100 Ultra is a 50-megapixel LYT-900 main camera, which also supports CIPA 4.5-level gimbal stabilization, “perfectly solving the focus loss caused by moving shadows at concerts.”

The vivo X100 Ultra is also equipped with a 50-megapixel wide-angle lens, and “with the ultra-strong capabilities of the latest V3+ imaging chip, it integrates vivo’s most advanced AI capabilities and imaging algorithms.”

vivo X100 Ultra

Overall, the imaging performance of the vivo X100 Ultra is highly anticipated.

According to previous reports, the vivo X100 Ultra will be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen3 processor, featuring a Samsung 2K E7 curved screen, a 5400/5500±mAh high-density battery, and support for 80W fast charging, with the top-of-the-line version supporting satellite communication functions.

In addition to the vivo X100 Ultra, Jia Jingdong also announced a member of the X100 “straight screen family” — the X100s.

vivo X100 Ultra

Jia Jingdong introduced: “Its benchmark scores reach the level of ‘Thanos,’ but numbers won’t tell you everything. In short, it sweeps away all competitors. Its imaging capabilities remain at the forefront of the industry. It features a brand-new humanistic street photography camera, a first in the industry, where you can adjust parameters with your left hand and adjust the dial with your right hand, perfectly recreating the feeling of holding a SLR camera. The newly introduced vivo black and white colors can capture the most delicate grayscale changes, showcasing excellent shadow details and contrast.”

The vivo X100s also brings new AI features like “AI Four Seasons Portraits.”

vivo X100 Ultra

Combining current leaked information, the vivo X100s is expected to be equipped with the Dimensity 9300+ processor, feature a 1.5K ultra-narrow straight screen, adopt a metal right-angled frame + glass body design, offer four color options: white, black, blue, and titanium, and have a battery of around 5000mAh, supporting 120W fast charging.


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