Vivo X100 Ultra Pics: Top 200MP Periscope Lens

Introducing vivo X100 Ultra: A New Standard in Mobile Photography

In May 2024, as major smartphone manufacturers geared up for their next flagship releases, Mr. Jia Jingdong, Vice President and General Manager of Brand and Product Strategy at vivo, unveiled the renderings of the vivo X100 Ultra. The prominent feature on the back of the device was a large camera module, indicating its impressive imaging capabilities.

vivo X100 Ultra

Shortly after, Mr. Huang Tao, Vice President of vivo’s product division, revealed sample images captured by the X100 Ultra during the launch of the Chang’e 6 lunar probe. It was evident from these images that the device excelled in telephoto capabilities, with well-balanced exposure and exceptional clarity.

Sample Image

According to reports, the vivo X100 Ultra would feature a 200-megapixel periscope lens with a 1/1.4″ sensor, boasting an industry-leading large sensor size, a telephoto lens with an f/2.67 aperture, a physical focal length of 22.48mm, and the ability to output images at a resolution of 12888×16320 pixels in high pixel mode.

Lens Specification

Official specifications revealed that the vivo X100 Ultra would combine a 200-megapixel Zeiss APO super-telephoto lens with an HP9 sensor. APO, short for Apochromatic, represents the world’s most powerful chromatic aberration-corrected periscope telephoto lens, enhancing sharpness and restoring natural colors, ensuring that the 200 million pixels deliver true-to-life imagery.

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