Samsung’s Q1 phone and tablet production exceed target by 22%, up to 64.5 million!

May 5th Update: According to foreign reports, Samsung’s production of smartphones and tablets in the first quarter of this year exceeded the initial targets set at the beginning of the year, with an overachievement of 22%. In this quarter, Samsung produced a total of 64.5 million smartphones and tablets, far surpassing the previously set goal of 53 million units.

Samsung's Q1 Phone and Tablet Production

Foreign media reported that with the increase in production, Samsung is actively preparing to ensure sufficient inventory of traditional smartphones to meet market demand before launching new foldable smartphones.

The increase in production directly contributed to the improvement of operational efficiency in Samsung’s display factories. According to insiders, the A2 production line of Samsung Display, mainly responsible for producing rigid OLED panels for the Galaxy A series, currently operates at an impressive 80% capacity due to strong market demand.

It is reported that Samsung’s smartphone shipment target for this year is 253 million units, of which 51 million units are allocated to the Galaxy S series and foldable devices.

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