Vivo Official Announcement: The unveiling of new imaging technology and X series soon.

Global Tech Report by Huanqiu Network: On May 6th, vivo officially announced that it will hold a press conference at 19:00 on May 13th, unveiling its new imaging strategy and the latest X series smartphones. Industry experts predict that this event will mark a significant milestone for vivo in the field of imaging technology.

vivo Official Announcement

It is reported that vivo will launch several new products at this event, including the highly anticipated vivo X100s, vivo X100s Pro, and the flagship model, vivo X100 Ultra. Of particular note, the vivo X100 Ultra is expected to debut vivo’s independently developed BlueImage technology for the first time, positioning vivo as another smartphone manufacturer with proprietary imaging technology following Huawei.

Previously disclosed by vivo’s senior executive, Jia Jingdong, the BlueImage technology will integrate with vivo’s BlueCrystal chip stack, BlueHeart large model, BlueOcean endurance system, BlueRiver operating system, and other technologies, forming vivo’s BlueTech matrix, thereby enhancing vivo’s competitiveness in the market.

In terms of technical specifications, according to previously leaked information, the vivo X100 Ultra will feature the Sony LYT900 main camera, equipped with a 1-inch large bottom photosensitive element and a high resolution of 50 million pixels, with a single pixel size of 1.6μm, expected to deliver excellent imaging results. Additionally, the device will be equipped with a 200-million-pixel periscope telephoto lens, paired with a Zeiss APO telephoto lens, capable of achieving 4.3x optical zoom and up to 200x digital zoom functionality, as well as a 50 million-pixel ultra-wide-angle lens, providing users with a broader shooting perspective.

In terms of hardware configuration, the vivo X100 Ultra is rumored to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 processor of the third generation, featuring a high-performance Samsung 2K E7 punch-hole AMOLED curved screen, and a BlueOcean large-capacity battery with a capacity exceeding 5000mAh, to deliver robust performance and long-lasting battery life.

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