Introducing the Smart Coding Assistant! Huawei Cloud CodeArts Snap is now available for free trial: Based on the PanGu Model.

Fast Technology reported on January 3rd that Huawei Cloud CodeArts Snap had officially started its public beta.

This is an intelligent programming assistant based on the development of a large-scale model by Huawei Cloud, aiming to provide developers with efficient and intelligent programming experiences, enhancing the solo capabilities of research and development personnel.

CodeArts Snap

During the beta period, this service is free and does not charge users any fees. After commercialization, the service fees will be clearly stated on the user ordering page, and users can choose specific service types and pay according to the listed prices.

According to the introduction, the Huawei Cloud CodeArts Snap public beta provides support for various mainstream IDEs based on two core scenarios: intelligent code generation and intelligent question and answer.

It covers eight major research and development scenarios, including code generation, research and development knowledge question and answer, unit test case generation, code explanation, code commenting, code translation, code debugging, and code checking.

This public beta introduces four key new features:

Code Generation

Using natural language programming to significantly improve coding efficiency. The accuracy rate of the code reaches the leading level in the industry on the widely-used HE dataset.

Code Generation

Research and Development Knowledge Question and Answer

Ask and answer any research and development knowledge questions. Developers can ask questions about any research and development knowledge and get answers, significantly improving the efficiency of solving development problems.

R&D Knowledge QA

Unit Test Case Generation

Automatically create unit test cases to increase test coverage, ensuring that every function and scenario is tested. The test case code is concise, with minimal manual modification required and high line coverage.

Unit Test Case Generation

Code Explanation

Quickly analyze the code and automatically generate explanatory notes to improve code reading speed and efficiency. The code explanation demonstrates good correctness and conciseness.

Code Explanation

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