Intel Eyes TSMC’s 2nm Tech for 50%+ Boost

Article by Yao Liwei, January 29, 2024

Intel's Strategy

According to reports, Intel has been actively advancing its IDM 2.0 strategy in recent years. On one hand, the company is open to external foundry services, and on the other hand, it is seeking external foundry partners to operate more flexibly. The Meteor Lake project marks the beginning of this strategy, which will be further advanced in the future.

It is reported that TSMC plans to mass produce its first batch of 2nm process chips in 2025. Tech giants such as Apple and Intel have shown strong interest in this, with Apple’s A-series processors likely to account for a considerable portion of the orders.

Intel plans to adopt TSMC’s 2nm process in its Nova Lake processor. Of course, this process will not be used for manufacturing all modules, but is most likely to be used for certain specific modules, such as the GPU core module.

Before the release of Nova Lake, we will also have the opportunity to see products like Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake, and Panther Lake. Therefore, it’s still early to expect Nova Lake anytime soon. It is expected to be achievable at least by 2026.

The authoritative software HWiNFO has already provided preliminary support for Nova Lake. It is said that it will upgrade to a low-power version based on the fourth-generation Druid architecture.

Additionally, there are reports that Nova Lake will have the largest CPU architecture upgrade in history. It’s even more remarkable than the birth of the Core series, with a performance improvement exceeding 50%!

The veracity of these claims still awaits verification. We will continue to pay attention to relevant developments and report the latest progress to you in a timely manner.

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