Apple & OpenAI Launch ChatGPT for Vision Pro Headsets

Apple and OpenAI Launch ChatGPT for Vision Pro Headsets


Recently, the official announcement from ChatGPT revealed that it has officially landed on Apple’s Vision Pro headsets. Users can download the application from the visionOS App Store and experience AI chatting in a 3D space.

The ChatGPT function on Vision Pro is similar to the regular version, with no significant differences in display compared to the iPad version. However, according to media reports, the application also allows users to converse with OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 Turbo model and directly generate images and text within the application.

In November 2022, OpenAI officially launched ChatGPT, where users can provide input prompts to the chatbot to ask questions, create meal plans, conduct grammar checks, get advice, research topics, and more. It can understand natural language queries, answer corresponding questions, and maintain contextual awareness when a series of questions are asked.

Initially, ChatGPT only had a text input mode. Later, OpenAI added more input modes such as voice and images. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook once mentioned in a post that upon the release of Vision Pro, users can experience over a million apps, including over 600 apps specifically developed for Vision Pro.

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