Windows 11’s New Feature: Auto HDR Boosts Gaming by 40%!

Author: Yao Liwei

Date: 2024-02-12 14:40:20

Windows 11's new feature - Auto HDR boosts gaming by 40%

Microsoft recently released update version 26052 to Windows 11 Canary and Dev preview builds. This update primarily brings native support for the Sudo command, improved Bluetooth Low Energy audio hearing aid connectivity support, and audio microphone testing, among several practical functionalities. However, a user discovered a new feature in the logs that Microsoft did not mention: Automatic Super Resolution.

This new feature can be found in “Settings -> Display Settings -> Graphics Settings” and uses AI technology to enhance game details and improve their smoothness of operation. Currently, this feature is not enabled, and players can manually activate it using the vivetool.

It is understood that the Automatic Super Resolution feature built into Windows 11 has high hardware requirements, necessitating a GPU with built-in NPU/AI cores and Tensor cores, though the specific specifications are still unknown. Unlike NVIDIA DLSS/VSR, AMD RSR/FSR, this feature does not rely on such technologies.

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