P70 Now Shipping! Huawei Sets Ambitious Goal to Outdo Mate60

Huawei to Launch P70 Series with Ambitious Goals

Multiple sources indicate that Huawei will unveil its annual flagship camera phone series, the P70 series, in April. The series will include four models: P70, P70 Pro, P70 Pro+ (possibly), and P70 Art. This marks the return of 5G support to the P series after a gap of 4 years following the P40 series.

P70 Series

As the launch date approaches, the media reports that the supply chain has already begun mass production for the P70 series.

Last August, the Mate60 series and Mate X5 were launched, with shipments exceeding 10 million units within 6 months. Given this market performance, industry insiders suggest that Huawei’s shipment target for the P70 series is relatively optimistic.

P70 Series

The P series, known for its focus on photography, has outperformed the Mate series in terms of sales. Before the launch of the Mate60 series last year, Huawei announced through its official channels that the Mate series had shipped a total of 1 billion units.

In 2022, Huawei announced that the P series had already shipped over 1 billion units, a milestone reached more than a year before the Mate series.

P70 Series

According to data from statistical organizations, the P10 series released in 2017 had a cumulative sales volume of approximately 10 million units. The P30 series released in 2018 achieved a high cumulative sales volume of 25 million units. Likewise, the P40 series released in 2020 also saw a cumulative sales volume of around 10 million units.

P70 Series

Despite the lack of 5G support, the P60 series released last year sold well. Therefore, with the P70 series powered by the Kirin 9000S 5G chip, the shipment target is set at a minimum of 10 million units to match the sales figures brought by the classic P40 series and to potentially surpass the Mate60 series.

The P70 series promises many surprises this time, particularly in terms of design, camera upgrades, and new satellite communication technology.

Not to mention, with the arrival of the Kirin 9000S 5G chip, the P70 series is set to become the true flagship of Huawei.

Huawei’s exceptional industrial design standards are widely recognized. The P70 series features a new triangular Deco module, making it easily recognizable in a crowd.

P70 Series

In terms of screen size, the standard P70 model comes with a 6.58-inch display for a more comfortable and slim design. Both the P70 Pro and P70 Art feature mainstream 6.8-inch large screens with a 1.5K resolution and new material centrally placed single-hole eye-protecting screens across the series.

In the camera department, the main shooters in the P70 and P70 Pro are the illustrious OV50H, while the P70 Art boasts the Sony IMX989 1-inch sensor, making it Huawei’s first image flagship with a 1-inch sensor. In addition to the primary cameras, the entire P70 series comes with a periscope telephoto lens. Even the standard model has impressive photographic capabilities.

With the support of variable apertures and XMAGE image algorithms, the imaging performance of the P70 series is expected to exceed users’ expectations.

According to digital blogger “定焦数码,” the P70 series has been tasked with the responsibility of reclaiming the top spot in imaging, positioning the P series as more important than the Mate series internally at Huawei.

P70 Series

The introduction of satellite communication in the Mate50 series has evolved from the first generation of satellite messaging to the second generation of satellite calling. Competitors are also following suit, with several products claiming to surpass the Mate60 Pro in satellite speed and call quality.

Communication is Huawei’s forte. With the P70 series, Huawei will debut a new satellite communication technology, not just introducing groundbreaking technologies but also responding to competitors’ products to maintain a significant edge.

Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s report states that in 2024, Huawei’s Mate series and P series smartphones will be the biggest growth drivers for Huawei since the US sanctions in 2019. Together, the two series are expected to boost Huawei’s smartphone business by 150% to 200% year-on-year in 2024.

P70 Series

The Huawei P70 series is now in production! Huawei aims to surpass the Mate60. Are you looking forward to the upcoming P70 series?

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