Ban on iPhone Third-Party Repairs?

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As a globally renowned tech company, Apple’s repair policies have always been a topic of controversy. While Apple claims that repairs are meant to ensure device safety, some consumers still believe that official repair prices are too high, limiting choices and increasing repair costs.

Ban on iPhone Third-Party Repairs

To address this pain point for users, recently, the Governor of Oregon in the United States signed the SB 1596 bill this Wednesday. This bill is the first in the US to explicitly prohibit digital device manufacturers from using “serialization” solutions.

This law will have a profound impact on digital products, especially the repairs of devices like Apple iPhone, meaning that manufacturers can no longer restrict users’ choices for third-party repair services or non-original parts through “parts serialization”.

Ban on iPhone Third-Party Repairs

Additionally, the regulations also explicitly state that manufacturers cannot use this method to degrade device performance, display misleading information, etc.

Regarding this, Apple stated: “Our intention is not to monopolize repairs, but to make repairs easier. This practice can ensure that the devices and their data remain secure during the repair process”.

Starting from the iPhone Xs series models, Apple has been continuously encrypting the repair components of the iPhone, including the battery, screen, camera, and more.

Ban on iPhone Third-Party Repairs

As long as iPhone users do not have parts replaced by Apple’s official service or authorized dealers, the device will display “unknown part” in the settings, forcing some meticulous users to go to Apple for replacement parts.

Therefore, as consumers, many hope for Apple to open up third-party repair permissions. After all, Apple’s official repair prices are indeed not cheap, and having to send the device back for repair frequently is very troublesome for us who are constantly using our phones.

According to reports from Korean media, ZDNet Korea, BOE has become the first supplier of screens for the Apple iPhone SE4, as Samsung Display withdrew from negotiations due to price disagreements with Apple.

Ban on iPhone Third-Party Repairs

Insiders mentioned that Samsung withdrew from the screen supply negotiations in mid-month due to price reasons, mainly because Apple offered a price of only $25, while Samsung Display’s previous desired price was $30.

This outcome can be seen as a win-win situation, as Samsung Display was originally reluctant to supply screens for the iPhone SE4 due to price disagreements. Apple also prefers having multiple suppliers, which can reduce risks and maximize its negotiating power.

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