Honor CMO slams rivals’ misleading brightness claims

The Screen: A Window to the Soul of Smartphones

The screen is the “face” of a smartphone and also where its soul resides. Would you opt for a screen with outstanding display performance? Or perhaps a screen that protects your eyes with a green hue? Or maybe the best of both worlds? The newly released Honor Magic6 RSR Porsche Design continues Honor’s pursuit of eye protection, featuring the Honor Glacial Ocular Screen. It excels in brightness and eye-protection experience, pushing the industry standards to the next level.


Currently, in the smartphone industry, screens with dazzling brightness data seem to be a trend. However, for users, some might see peak brightness as a gimmick. Does higher data mean more power consumption due to brighter screens? Not necessarily. Ginger Jiang, the CMO of Honor China, emphasizes that any level of brightness showcases the overall quality of the screen. Some manufacturers may deliberately use the maximum brightness parameter to confuse users about the screen’s actual capabilities, causing confusion.


While specifications are undoubtedly crucial, smartphone manufacturers should approach issues from consumers’ perspectives, avoiding using maximum values to mislead customers. The overall screen quality is not solely boosted by the highest parameters. It depends on various factors such as brightness adjustment range, uniformity, color accuracy, viewing angle stability, response time, power consumption, and lifespan, among others.


Therefore, when promoting their products, smartphone manufacturers should provide consumers with more comprehensive and truthful information to help them make wiser choices. Manufacturers should focus on the actual user experience of their products rather than emphasizing single parameters that may not significantly impact the user experience. By offering a better user experience, manufacturers can earn consumers’ trust and loyalty.

For instance, Honor’s Glacial Ocular Screen, developed over three years with an investment of over 500 million, not only features industry-leading brightness parameters but also leads in various comprehensive dimensions. It incorporates the advanced 4320Hz ultra-high-frequency PWM zero-risk dimming technology, providing users with a more comfortable visual experience.


Moreover, Honor’s Glacial Ocular Screen adopts the Tandem Dual-Stack OLED architecture, allowing the screen to achieve lower current consumption, reduced power usage, and slower aging at the same luminance level. Experimental tests have shown that the higher the set brightness of the screen, the higher the power savings of the Honor Glacial Ocular Screen, reaching up to 40%. To enhance the screen’s lifespan, Honor has also improved algorithms, providing pixel-level dynamic compensation lifespan technology to adjust pixel brightness dynamically, thereby extending the screen’s lifespan up to six times. After three years of normal use, the screen brightness degradation rate is less than 1%, ensuring a durable brightness level from getting a new device to replacing it.


From a consumer perspective, sticking to innovative explorations, honing solid product technology, and striving to deliver products with a superior user experience, Honor remains a dependable choice for eye protection experiences.

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