$9.3B BOE Gen 8.6 AMOLED Line Begins in Chengdu

On March 27, 2024, BOE Technology Group, a pioneer in the semiconductor display industry, celebrated a landmark event with a groundbreaking ceremony in Chengdu for China’s first 8.6-generation AMOLED production line. This significant move is set to boost the rapid development of the OLED display industry in the mid-size market segment and elevate China’s OLED sector to new heights. The launch of this production line marks a substantial breakthrough for BOE in OLED technology and is seen as a pivotal event as the company stands on the brink of a new historical chapter.

BOE's new 8.6-generation AMOLED production line in Chengdu

As an industry leader committed to technological innovation, BOE has consistently driven the industry toward higher quality and performance standards. The groundbreaking event for the Chengdu 8.6-generation AMOLED production line was attended by notable figures such as Mr. Chen Yanshun, the Chairman of BOE Technology Group, Dr. Gao Wenbao, the President, and other senior leaders. They collectively witnessed this historical moment that not only signifies a major breakthrough for BOE in the field of AMOLED technology but also contributes fresh momentum to the optimization and rapid development of China’s semiconductor display industry.

Senior leaders attended the foundation ceremony.

During the ceremony, Chairman Chen Yanshun highlighted the project’s commitment to creating the world’s leading and largest production base for mid-size OLED display components. The project will fully leverage BOE’s technological edge and the benefits of industrial clustering to propel the semiconductor display industry to higher levels and accelerate progress in the global OLED industry. Mr. Chen declared BOE’s ongoing investment in technological innovation, aiming to lead the industry’s development, offer superior products and services to global customers, and make greater contributions to the prosperity of the semiconductor display sector.

Chairman Chen Yanshun delivering a speech at the ceremony.

With the smooth progression of the Chengdu 8.6-generation AMOLED production line project, Chairman Chen indicated it would create broader development opportunities for the entire supply chain. BOE will continue to deepen its “Internet of Things via Displays” strategy, collaborating closely with various partners to achieve the vision of building and strengthening the display industry ecosystem. In the future, BOE commits to continual innovation and increased production capacity to offer better products and services globally while also contributing to Chengdu’s development as a globally influential electronic information industry base.

Overview of the construction site for the new production line.

Located in Chengdu’s High-Tech West Zone in Sichuan Province, BOE’s 8.6-generation AMOLED production line represents an investment of 63 billion yuan. With a designed monthly capacity of 32,000 glass substrates (each measuring 2290mm x 2620mm), it focuses on producing high-end touch-sensitive OLED displays for devices such as laptops and tablets. The construction of the production line is anticipated to be completed by December 2024, with equipment moving in by September 2025. The first AMOLED product is expected to be lit by May 2026, with mass production commencing in October 2026.

Visual representation of production capacity and size.

Employing advanced Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide (LTPO) backplane technology and stacked light-emitting device fabrication processes, the line aims to achieve low power consumption and extended lifespans for OLED screens. It also significantly enhances the cutting efficiency of mid-size OLED products and reduces production costs, better meeting consumer demands for portable IT devices. Globally, only 6th-generation (1500mm x 1850mm) lines have adopted Excimer Laser Annealing (ELA) technology so far. BOE’s successful application of ELA to the 8.6-generation (2290mm x 2620mm) line is a world’s first, boosting its competitiveness in the international AMOLED market and accelerating the upgrade and transformation of the semiconductor display industry.

The innovative ELA technology used in the production line.

The construction of this production line by BOE will not only immensely propel OLED technology forward but also actively promote the development of the entire industry chain. It will drive the growth of related industries in the Southwestern region, enhance the competitiveness of the industrial cluster, and stimulate regional economic growth. For BOE, it will deliver a larger market share and business opportunities, further solidifying its leading role in the semiconductor display field. The project will also expedite the advancement of the global OLED industry and contribute to the semiconductor display industry reaching greater heights.

The production line poised to drive industry development.

BOE has been at the forefront of flexible OLED development in China, leading the market with early investments and extensive applications. The company has already established three 6th-generation flexible AMOLED production lines in Chengdu, Chongqing, and Mianyang. The addition of the first domestic 8.6-generation AMOLED production line showcases its leading position and influence globally. With a commitment to R&D, BOE continues to drive technological innovation, striving for more efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly production methods. It works actively in collaboration with global partners to promote rapid industry development and enhance digital living for humanity.

BOE's ongoing commitment to flexible OLED technology and market leadership.

In 2023, BOE reached a new milestone with close to 120 million pieces of flexible AMOLED products shipped, showcasing its technical strength and market competitiveness in the field. This achievement signifies a significant leap in China’s flexible OLED sector. BOE has also partnered with renowned international smartphone brands to launch high-end flagship products featuring LTPO technology and folding screens. By actively promoting the upgrade of high-end mid-size IT and automotive products to AMOLED technology, BOE is expanding the application scenarios for flexible displays. Its innovation and market expansion are offering consumers superior, more efficient display products and energizing the future development of the semiconductor display industry.

BOE's record-breaking shipment of flexible AMOLED products.

In 2024, BOE embarks on a new thirty-year journey. The company continues to pursue its development strategy of “Internet of Things via Displays,” enhancing original and disruptive technological innovations to integrate display technologies with IoT and digital techniques. This initiative aims to maintain industry-leading quality and set new standards for development. In this new chapter, BOE will further explore flexible displays, Mini LED, Micro LED, and other emerging display technologies, while accelerating the integration of AI and IoT strategies, bringing intelligent and convenient solutions to healthcare, education, smart cities, and more.

BOE's strategy for the future of display technology integration.

The construction of BOE’s 8.6-generation AMOLED production line will not only strengthen China’s voice in the global semiconductor display industry but also lay a solid foundation for BOE to achieve its goal of becoming a global leader in the field.

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