Xiaomi 14 Ultra: Fastest 5.5G!

Article on March 29, 2024, by Liwei Yao

Xiaomi 14 Ultra

Recently, the official Weibo account of China Mobile announced that the Xiaomi 14 Ultra has set a new record for the fastest internet speed. Through testing, this phone achieved a download speed of 5132.34Mbps, an upload speed of 163.07Mbps, with a latency of only 19ms, which is 10 times faster than 5G.

In addition, Xiaomi has collaborated with mobile operators to introduce more 5G-A features to the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, achieving breakthroughs in latency and speed once again. This move will contribute to the comprehensive high-quality commercialization of 5G-A, providing users with a better network experience.

It is understood that 5.5G (known as 5G-A) is a critical stage in the development from 5G to 6G. Compared to 5G technology, 5.5G offers characteristics such as higher speeds, greater connectivity, and lower latency.

Currently, China Mobile plans to launch the world’s largest 5.5G-A commercial network deployment in over 300 cities this year, and drive the industry to introduce more than 20 types of terminal devices supporting 5.5G.

It is worth mentioning that Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen3 terminals and MediaTek Dimensity 9400 terminals have started testing on 5.5G networks and are expected to release related upgrades in April. This signals the imminent arrival of the new 5.5G era.

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