Nubia Launches Cheapest Foldable

Nubia officials have announced that their Spring 2024 new product launch event will take place on April 9th at 14:00. At that time, Nubia plans to unveil three new products, including the Nubia Z60 Ultra Photographer’s Edition, Nubia Flip, and Nubia Little Bull 5G.

Among them, the Nubia Flip is a compact folding product that has already made its debut at MWC 2024. It features a 6.9-inch foldable OLED screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz, and it also comes with a 1.43-inch circular OLED external screen. The main camera boasts 50 million pixels, supplemented by a 2 million pixel depth sensor. Additionally, it is equipped with a 4310mAh battery, and it runs on the first-generation Snapdragon 7 chipset.

As for the price of the Nubia Flip, there are reports stating that its price in the Japanese market is 63,000 yen, equivalent to about 3,024 yuan. However, there are also rumors suggesting that if the configuration of the domestic version is identical to the Japanese version, the price could drop below 3,000 yuan. Yet, there is another speculation that the Nubia Flip might undergo a processor upgrade, leading to a price increase to 3,499 yuan.

Furthermore, Nubia’s event will also showcase its latest advancements in the field of AI, with claims of integrating AI technology into every product to provide consumers with a more convenient and intelligent user experience.

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