AMD Launches Ryzen PRO 8000 Series for Business Computing

AMD Launches Ryzen Pro 8000 Series for Business Computing

AMD Launches Ryzen Pro 8000 Series

During a recent briefing session, Ronak Shah, Global Commercial Products Marketing Manager at AMD, introduced the latest Ryzen Pro 8000 series processors to the media.

Ronak highlighted that from 2019 to 2023, AMD achieved a 166% growth in the commercial client market and tripled its annual growth in the workstation segment. This demonstrates AMD’s robust innovation and the trust customers and partners place in the brand.

AMD Ryzen Pro 8000 Series

The Ryzen Pro 8000 series processors are the first commercially available desktop products driven by AI. They support AMD Ryzen AI, expanding AMD’s leading-edge technology support to commercial desktops.

Ronak explained that Ryzen AI comprises CPU, GPU, and NPU components. The CPU handles tasks with low-latency requirements, the GPU focuses on AI workflows, and the NPU tackles large, complex AI workloads previously unattainable on traditional PCs.

AMD Ryzen Pro 8000 Series

Overall, Ryzen AI represents a powerful combination of AI capabilities for future-oriented, high-performance PC functionality.

AMD’s support for Ryzen AI reflects its deep involvement in the current AI wave. According to IDC’s research report on commercial AI PC surveys targeting professional users, OEMs, and decision-makers, by 2027, six out of every ten PCs shipped will be AI PCs.

Moreover, 59% of enterprise customers aspire to be among the first adopters of AI PCs, ranking in the top 50% of all AI PC users. Users exhibit significant enthusiasm for AI PCs.

At the AMD AI PC Innovation Summit held domestically a few weeks ago, AMD shared its plans to collaborate with over 150 ISV (Independent Software Vendors) partners by the end of 2024, leveraging Ryzen AI.

AMD Ryzen Pro 8000 Series

These partners include international giants like Adobe, Microsoft, and Zoom, as well as local Chinese ISV partners, enhancing end-users’ differentiated experiences in the AI era.

Another highlight of the Ryzen Pro 8000/8040 series is their utilization of 4nm manufacturing technology and Zen4 architecture, delivering outstanding performance and energy efficiency, making them the most advanced products in the market in terms of energy efficiency.

AMD Ryzen Pro 8000 Series

Furthermore, the Ryzen Pro 8000 series will support the latest WiFi 7 and Bluetooth 5.4 wireless transmission technologies.

In terms of products, the new desktop offerings include the Ryzen Pro 8000G series and GE series, comprising Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, and Ryzen 7 Pro series. The G series ranges from 45-65W in power consumption, while the GE series ranges from 35W to 65W, offering options from 4-core 8-thread to 8-core 16-thread configurations.

AMD Ryzen Pro 8000 Series

Overall, AMD’s new products represent a significant generational leap, achieving double-digit improvements in all aspects, including response speed, multitasking, graphics, productivity, content creation, and more, making them the best entry-level commercial desktop choices currently available.

AMD Ryzen Pro 8000 Series

For mobile workstations and laptops, AMD also offers HS and U series processors, including various specifications of Ryzen 9, Ryzen 7, and Ryzen 5 products.

AMD Ryzen Pro 8000 Series

These processors range from 8-core 16-thread to 6-core 12-thread configurations, with power consumption ranging from 15-28W, 20-28W, to 35-54W, covering a wide range of user needs.

Moreover, the new generation products are based on Zen 4 architecture. According to official tests, compared to the previous Zen 3 architecture products, the 8040 series shows significant improvements in all parameter types, including response speed, multitasking, productivity, content creation, and more.

AMD Ryzen Pro 8000 Series

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