Xiaomi SU7’s popularity stirs drama! Lei Jun clears rumors live.

Xiaomi SU7’s Popularity Stirs Drama, Lei Jun Clears Rumors Live!

On April 18, Fast Technology reported that this afternoon, Lei Jun went live on Douyin to dispel rumors about his “glamorous life.”

Lei Jun stated that he was not the top scorer in the college entrance exam, nor did he score over 700 points. Moreover, there is no cold 40 billion in his account, and he hoped everyone could help refute these rumors.

Some netizens even mentioned that after reading many novels about overbearing CEOs, they realized that Lei Jun is the real “overbearing CEO,” more fascinating than in fictional stories.

In fact, back in December last year, a Xiaomi spokesperson clarified that the so-called “cold 40 billion” is entirely false, asking everyone not to believe or spread such rumors.

Lei Jun reposted and commented: “Life has never been a glamorous story; it’s all about down-to-earth experiences. Thanks for everyone’s understanding and support.”

Founding Xiaomi was a journey filled with challenges and setbacks for Lei Jun. The so-called “glamorous life” cannot diminish the hardships faced. The real secret to success lies in persisting through failures and challenges.

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