Xiaomi’s EV Charging Below Peak? Official Statement

On April 19th, in a recent update, Xiaomi Automotive released the 21st episode of “Xiaomi SU7 Answers Fans’ Questions.” The discussion focused on the reasons behind the occasional inability to achieve peak charging power.

Xiaomi's EV charging below peak

According to Xiaomi Automotive, when the Xiaomi SU7 starts charging after connecting to the charging gun, the initial battery level and temperature play a significant role in determining the charging power. During the charging process, the core temperature gradually rises. If the initial core temperature is too low, the power cannot reach its peak. Additionally, as the battery approaches full capacity, the charging power decreases. These are part of the intelligent charging strategy of the battery management system designed to ensure safer charging and longer battery life.

When navigating to a charging station using the onboard map, the vehicle preheats the battery to enhance charging speed, ensuring that the battery reaches its optimal power state more quickly during charging.

Moreover, the Xiaomi SU7 Max model’s battery management system features “atomized charging technology,” offering up to 50 times finer charging granularity to adapt to different temperatures and battery levels. This technology can speed up charging time by up to 9.8% and increase the average charging power by up to 11 kW.

[Source: Sanyan Technology]

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