iQOO Z9 Series Preview: Design, Screen, Specs, Battery Unveiled

iQOO Z9 Series: A Comprehensive Preview

The much-anticipated iQOO Z9 series is now in the final countdown phase before its release. For users considering an upgrade, the allure of the new devices is indeed compelling.

This time, iQOO is launching three versions: the iQOO Z9x, iQOO Z9, and iQOO Z9 Turbo, each with its own distinctive positioning.

This diversity means users have some flexibility in their choice, allowing them to determine which model best suits their individual needs.

To aid in this decision-making process, I’ve prepared a preview of the upcoming release, detailing the appearance, screen quality, specifications, and battery life of the three models.

Preview of iQOO Z9 series


Starting with the design, both the iQOO Z9 and Z9 Turbo feature a flagship design with a four-curved surface, exuding a sense of premium quality and sophistication. With a thickness of only 7.98mm, these phones boast not only a comfortable grip but also showcase iQOO’s expertise in craftsmanship.

Moreover, the available color options—Forest Green, Stardust White, and Midnight Black—offer something for everyone, ensuring users can find their preferred style.

While the iQOO Z9x doesn’t feature the signature porthole design and four-curved rear cover, its CD texture camera deco design, along with its angular frame and flat rear cover, still stand out. The Stardust White, Midnight Black, and Wind Feather Green color options are equally eye-catching.

Design and Colors

Screen Quality

Moving on to screen quality, both the iQOO Z9 and Turbo models boast a 144Hz C8 eye-protection display—the best OLED screen in the iQOO Z series—supporting a peak brightness of 4500 nits. They also offer three dimming modes, ensuring optimal display and eye protection.

The iQOO Z9x, while slightly different, features a 6.72-inch 2408×1080 120Hz LCD screen, providing users with a smooth visual experience.

In terms of clarity and detail, all three models excel whether for video watching, gaming, or multitasking.

Screen Quality

Hardware Configuration

Moving to the core hardware, the iQOO Z9 Turbo is powered by the Snapdragon 8s Gen3 processor, delivering robust performance thanks to its advanced architecture. It also features the unique Turbo discrete graphics chip, optimizing graphics performance for enhanced overall performance.

The iQOO Z9, on the other hand, is equipped with the Snapdragon 7 Gen3 processor, ensuring smooth running of mainstream games with excellent fluidity.

As for the iQOO Z9x, it houses the Snapdragon 6 Gen1 processor, meeting the daily performance needs of users.

Hardware Configuration

Battery Life

Battery life is another highlight, with all models in the iQOO Z9 series featuring a 6000mAh Blue Ocean battery, ensuring long-lasting endurance even under heavy usage. While there are differences in charging speed—80W wired fast charging for the Z9 and Turbo versions versus 44W for the Z9x—the overall usage experience remains satisfying.

In terms of imaging, the iQOO Z9x’s rear 50MP+2MP camera setup and 8MP front camera meet users’ daily photography needs. While details about the camera specifications of the iQOO Z9 and Turbo versions are not yet available, it’s safe to assume they will also deliver excellent performance.

Battery and Camera

Additionally, all iQOO Z9 models support IP64 dust and water resistance, boast a 48-month anti-aging feature, and come with Blue Heart XiaoV for real-time text generation via voice commands.

While exact details about additional features are yet to be confirmed, it’s likely that full NFC support, infrared remote control, dual speakers, and X-axis linear motors will be included.

Though it’s challenging to predict standard features, considering the overall specifications, the iQOO Z9 Turbo has the potential to become a bestselling model, especially considering rumors of an attractive price point.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that users may anticipate pleasant surprises in terms of pricing, making the wait for the official release even more worthwhile.

Additional Features

In conclusion, the iQOO Z9, Z9 Turbo, and Z9x models showcase the brand’s strength and commitment to excellence in design, screen quality, hardware configuration, and battery life. Now, the question remains: which model are you most excited about? Feel free to share your thoughts and join the discussion.

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