Kercore’s chip powers Honor Band 9 for 14-day battery life

Honor Unveils New Honor Band 9 Featuring Kirin Chip Technology

Recently, Honor held a launch event for their flagship products for spring 2024, during which they officially introduced their latest smart bracelet series – the Honor Band 9. The Honor Band 9 is powered by Kirin’s ATS3085L smartwatch SoC chip, featuring a 1.57-inch AMOLED full-screen display with a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz. It boasts a smooth and eye-catching large screen and offers an impressive 14-day battery life. The device supports comprehensive health monitoring, 96 sports modes, and advanced algorithms for a professional and thoughtful companion. Moreover, it has upgraded to include heart health monitoring functionality. With long battery life and health tracking features, this smart bracelet is designed to be a smart and health guardian that truly understands your fitness needs, bringing wisdom and health protection to your wrist.

Honor Band 9

The KirinĀ® ATS3085L is a dual-mode Bluetooth smartwatch SoC chip, featuring a heterogeneous architecture design with MCU+DSP dual cores. Its peripherals are streamlined, and the built-in 2D GPU graphics acceleration engine enables smoother UI display on smartwatch products. With characteristics such as high integration, high frame rates, and low power consumption, it supports AI ENC call noise reduction and various functions such as driving the display screen, running fitness algorithms, Bluetooth calling, local decoding, and Bluetooth music playback on TWS headphones. This chip is mainly applied in smart bracelets and smartwatches.

About Honor

Established in 2013, Honor (HONOR) is a leading global provider of smart terminals, committed to building a iconic technology brand that covers all scenarios, targets all channels, and serves all people. With innovation, quality, and service as its three main strategic points, Honor (HONOR) continues to invest in cutting-edge technology research and development, bringing innovative smart devices to consumers worldwide, creating a smart new world for everyone.

About Kirin Technology

Kirin Technology is a leading Chinese low-power AIoT chip design company, specializing in providing high-quality, low-latency wireless audio experiences with low power consumption. The company excels in high-quality audio full signal chain technology, including high-performance audio ADC/DAC, voice pre-processing, audio encoding/decoding, and audio post-processing. Additionally, it focuses on low-latency wireless connectivity technology core on Bluetooth RF, baseband, and protocol stack technologies.

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