Xiaomi SU7 pre-orders top 70k, aiming for 100k deliveries by 2024

On April 23, Xiaomi held an investor conference where Lei Jun announced that as of April 20, over 70,000 units of Xiaomi SU7 had been pre-ordered. Lu Weibing also stated in a post that the momentum of pre-orders for Xiaomi SU7 remains strong.

Xiaomi SU7 pre-orders

Xiaomi SU7 was launched on March 28, and within less than a month since its release, pre-orders have surpassed 70,000 units. Such performance is a huge success for Xiaomi as a first-time car manufacturer. Lei Jun had previously mentioned that Xiaomi SU7 is expected to be 3 to 5 times more successful than anticipated.

The main challenge for Xiaomi now is how to increase the production capacity of Xiaomi SU7. If the delivery time for the cars is too long, customers might opt for other car brands instead. During the investor conference, Lei Jun announced that Xiaomi plans to deliver 100,000 units of SU7 in 2024.

Xiaomi SU7

Currently, the Xiaomi Car App shows that after pre-ordering Xiaomi SU7, delivery is expected in 29 to 32 weeks; for Xiaomi SU7 Pro, it is 28 to 31 weeks, and for Xiaomi SU7 Max, it is 32 to 35 weeks. As we are already in late April, if one places an order for Xiaomi SU7 now, based on the current production capacity of Xiaomi’s car factory, the earliest delivery would be around 7 months later, which means receiving the car in January next year.

However, with over 70,000 pre-orders for Xiaomi SU7 and Lei Jun’s target of 100,000 deliveries by 2024, it indicates that Xiaomi’s car factory’s production capacity is still increasing. So, there is still a chance to receive a car within this year if one orders Xiaomi SU7 now.

Xiaomi SU7 pre-orders

Lei Jun may be aware that the production capacity for Xiaomi SU7 cannot meet the current high market demand in a short period. Therefore, Lei Jun had previously suggested on social media that if customers cannot wait for SU7, they could consider other models such as Zhiji S7, NIO ET5, and XPeng P7.

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