Vivo launches its proprietary imaging brand, BlueImage, potentially debuting on Vivo X100 Ultra.

Vivo Launches Its Proprietary Imaging Brand – BlueImage, Potentially Debuting on Vivo X100 Ultra

On April 23rd, Vivo’s Vice President and General Manager of Brand and Product Strategy, Jia Jingdong, announced the launch of a new member of Vivo’s Blue Technology – BlueImage. This brand will cover the imaging technologies that the company is currently developing and is expected to make its debut on the upcoming Vivo X100 Ultra smartphone.


The color “blue” has appeared in several of Vivo’s brand projects, and BlueImage continues this tradition. It not only reflects Vivo’s pursuit of technology but also cleverly pays homage to the company’s nickname, the “Blue Factory.”

As the release of the Vivo X100 Ultra approaches, more details about BlueImage will be gradually revealed. It is reported that BlueImage will cover multiple technologies, including the V-series imaging chips. Since the launch of the first V-series chip at the end of 2021, this series has become an integral part of Vivo’s mobile photography technology. Now, the latest Vivo V3 chip has been applied to the X100 series phones, not only improving image quality but also providing users with a more outstanding photography experience.

In addition to chip technology, Vivo is actively developing its own image processing algorithms. The introduction of the BlueImage brand will focus on addressing a range of common photography issues, such as backlighting, low-light imaging, and image quality problems when using telephoto lenses. This will further enhance Vivo’s professionalism and practicality in the field of mobile photography.

At the same time, Vivo is deepening its cooperation with ZEISS. Both parties will continue to jointly develop smartphone lenses, working towards taking mobile photography technology to new heights. Jia Jingdong, Vice President of Brand and Marketing at Vivo, stated that the collaboration with ZEISS will enter a new phase, bringing users more innovative products and experiences.

The upcoming Vivo X100 Ultra is described by company executives as a “professional camera that can make phone calls.” It is equipped with a 1/0.98″ Sony Lytia LYT-900 (50MP) and a 100mm (4.3x) periscope lens with a 200MP sensor, providing users with an unprecedented photography experience.

In addition, Vivo is also working on a series of projects with a blue theme, such as the early development of BlueOS (also known as Blue River OS) and the Blue Ocean battery technology with a custom kernel. The progress of these projects will further enrich Vivo’s product line and technological strength.

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