Connecting to GPT-4 AI virtual girlfriend, earning 500,000 in one week!

As ChatGPT becomes popular, numerous mind-boggling AI applications have been created on the internet.

Recently, a girl named Caryn Marjorie has made a bold move by training a virtual personality based on GPT-4 and packaging it into an AI application. This enables her fans to interact with her.

Caryn markets herself as a virtual girlfriend, charging a dollar per minute for communication. Since it was launched on May 2nd, her earnings have soared to a staggering over 70,000 US dollars, which is around 500,000 RMB at current exchange rates. And this was achieved in just one week.

Who is Caryn Marjorie? How did she become so popular?

Hold on, let me tell you the story in detail.

Caryn Marjorie is only 23 years old and is an internet celebrity on Snapchat. She has 1.8 million followers on the platform. Her good looks and tall figure have made her many male followers obsessed.

Connecting to GPT-4 AI virtual girlfriend, earning 500,000 in one week!

Snapchat is a well-known social media platform. It was once popular among young people because of its self-destructing message feature. In the student community at that time, it was all the rage.

With its fresh, exciting, and privacy-protecting features, the company behind it became a unicorn in the industry.

After many years, the use of the app has expanded into various unmentionable areas.

Due to having too many followers, Caryn does not have enough energy to interact with everyone. Therefore, she used OpenAI’s GPT-4 natural language model to create an AI virtual girlfriend robot named CarynAI.

In addition to using GPT-4’s communication abilities, Caryn also collaborated with Forever Voices to further enhance her personality and voice. The company has previously released virtual versions of various celebrities such as Steve Jobs, Taylor Swift, and Donald Trump.

The CarynAI that has been launched this time is a more complex version in terms of technology. It not only needs to communicate like a real person, but also needs to provide a girlfriend-like experience for fans, making them emotionally connected.

Therefore, Caryn uploaded nearly 2,000 hours of personal YouTube video content to train her personality, voice, and emotions.

To prevent users from chatting too much, the CarynAI app has been forced to set a maximum of only one hour of chat. After that, there needs to be a short break before you can continue chatting. However, some users still spend several hours a day chatting with her.

Currently, Caryn’s 1.8 million followers have over 20,000 paid subscribers, and the number of paying customers is still increasing. With the coverage of major mainstream media, many people will join the conversation.

Caryn estimated that with the current income situation, her future monthly income could reach 5 million US dollars, which is around 35 million RMB. This is also insane…

What’s even crazier is that to chat with this AI virtual girlfriend, you need to apply through a waitlist.Estimated to take another 96 hours to complete at the current pace…

Connecting to GPT-4 AI virtual girlfriend, earning 500,000 in one week!

This year’s AIGC is blazing a trail and is sure to drive a wave of changes in the industry, offering countless opportunities.

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