Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Launches in China With Cutting-Edge Tech

Samsung Unveils New Galaxy S24 Series with Cutting-Edge Technology in China

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

Samsung unveiled its latest Galaxy S24 series smartphones in China tonight, including the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24. These flagship products feature innovative Galaxy AI technology, offering users a completely new experience.

The Galaxy S24 series not only introduces smart text and call translation functions for barrier-free communication, but also possesses the ability of Galaxy Super Visual Image to unleash creativity, comprehensively enhancing the user experience.

Notably, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series also pioneers the “select-and-search” feature. Users can use the new search tool to select, highlight, draw, or tap on any image, video, or text on the screen to immediately obtain precise and high-quality search results. This feature is extremely practical for searching tourist destination information or interesting facts in videos, and it does not require leaving the current application interface.

In addition, in certain search scenarios, artificial intelligence integrates useful information and related background from the internet based on the user’s location and generates summaries. What’s even more astounding is its capability to pose more detailed questions based on this information. The introduction of this technology provides users with more personalized and intelligent search services.

The release of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series in the domestic market showcases Samsung’s professional expertise and innovation in the digital field. This new product not only enhances the user experience but also brings more convenience and fun to users.

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