$9.4B for JD’s 1st 8.6G AMOLED Line

JD’s First 8.6 Generation AMOLED Production Line in China to Receive 63 Billion Yuan Investment

Fast Technology reported on March 27th that today, the groundbreaking ceremony for JD’s 8.6 Generation AMOLED production line, constructed in Chengdu, was held.

Chairman of BOE Technology Group, Chen Yanshun, stated that the completion of the 8.6 Generation AMOLED production line project would establish the world’s most advanced technology and the largest capacity for medium-sized OLED display device production.

This production line is China’s first and the world’s second 8.6 Generation AMOLED production line, with a total investment of 63 billion RMB.

The project will be constructed in two phases and is expected to start production by the end of 2026.

Located in the Chengdu High-tech West Zone, JD’s 8.6 Generation AMOLED production line is designed to produce 32,000 glass substrates per month (sized 2290mm x 2620mm).

It will primarily manufacture high-end touch OLED displays for smart terminals such as laptops and tablets.

JD utilizes Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon Oxide (LTPO) backplane technology and stacked light-emitting device fabrication processes to achieve lower power consumption and longer screen lifespan in OLED screens.

Moreover, this production line significantly enhances the cutting efficiency of medium-sized OLED products, reduces production costs, and effectively meets consumer demands for thin and portable IT products.

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