Douyin to Launch Graphic Mini-Apps

Douyin to Launch Graphic Mini-Apps

April 19, 2024 – Report by ChinaDrive

According to recent updates, Douyin is actively diversifying its mini-program platform, particularly by introducing graphic and textual content. This initiative will be carried out through an open-source approach to attract more third-party companies.

In this new initiative, Douyin has extended invitations to several content applications (APPS), encouraging them to publish content on Douyin’s mini-program and video platforms, as well as explore monetization opportunities. Douyin aims to make the mini-program a primary platform for content, aligning it with the content offered by content-based APPs. Simultaneously, Douyin video accounts play a role in attracting traffic by featuring both official and user-generated video clips to drive users to the mini-program.

Furthermore, users of content-based APPs will have the ability to directly publish or share their graphic and textual content on Douyin in the future, utilizing various distribution methods such as search and private domains to achieve coverage across the entire Douyin platform.

It is understood that Douyin will provide partners with two monetization avenues: content payments and advertising, supporting them in generating revenue on the platform. These series of actions demonstrate Douyin’s emphasis on content richness and diversity, while also offering new collaboration and profit models for third-party companies.


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