Lei Jun drives Xiaomi SU7 in live debut, gains 880k fans, addresses comments

A Spectacular Live Broadcast by Lei Jun Driving Xiaomi SU7

On April 18th at 4:00 PM, a stunning live event took place at the Xiaomi Delivery Center in Beijing! Can you guess who personally drove the Xiaomi SU7 to make a dazzling debut? Yes, it was none other than our beloved senior executive Lei Jun!

Lei Jun drives Xiaomi SU7 in live debut

As soon as Lei Jun went live at the Xiaomi Delivery Center in Beijing, within just 1 minute of the broadcast, the number of viewers in the livestream exceeded 100,000! Can you imagine the electrifying atmosphere? It was truly a super celebration in the tech world!

Lei Jun’s two-hour live broadcast was like a collision of technology and passion, igniting the audience’s excitement! After the broadcast ended, fans went wild! The number of Lei Jun’s fans skyrocketed from 17.36 million to 18.26 million, gaining a staggering 887,000 new followers!

Lei Jun gains 880k fans during live debut

What’s the significance of gaining 887,000 followers on the spot? Lei Jun could be described as a fan-harvesting machine! Moreover, the total number of likes during the livestream reached a whopping 180 million, indicating the unstoppable charm of Lei Jun!

The broadcast was not short of humorous banter from netizens. One netizen shouted, “Chairman Lei, hurry up and tighten the screws to speed up delivery!” To this, Lei Jun wittily replied, “Many people ask me to tighten screws. Our factory is modernized. If I were to tighten screws, I’d just mess things up.” Haha, that response is truly hilarious!

Lei Jun addresses comments during live broadcast

During the broadcast, a netizen also inquired about whether Professor Zhang Songwen had received his car. Lei Jun stated, “I really don’t know, I need to ask. The car has been ready for a long time. Perhaps Professor Zhang Songwen is too busy to collect it.”

Lei Jun responds to comments about Professor Zhang Songwen

It seems that Xiaomi is quite thoughtful towards its partners! Not only did they pre-book and prep a car for Professor Zhang Songwen, but they also had everything ready in advance, waiting for him to find the time to collect it.

This live broadcast was truly a feast of technology and entertainment! The charisma of Lei Jun and the stylish Xiaomi SU7 were a perfect match, leaving an unforgettable impression.

Fans eagerly await future events by Xiaomi

If you missed this broadcast, it’s indeed a pity! But worry not, Xiaomi has more exciting events lined up for us. Let’s look forward to them together!

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