Qualcomm Supports Meta Llama 3 on Snapdragon Devices

Qualcomm Supports Meta Llama 3 on Snapdragon Devices

Key Points:

  • Qualcomm collaborates with Meta to optimize the Meta Llama 3 large language model, enabling terminal-side execution on future Snapdragon flagship platforms.

  • Developers will have access to resources and tools in Qualcomm’s AI Hub to optimize running Llama 3 on Snapdragon platforms, reducing time to market and fully leveraging terminal-side AI advantages.

  • Qualcomm’s terminal-side AI capabilities include industry-leading combinations of NPU, CPU, and GPU technologies, empowering generative AI applications to achieve immediacy, enhanced reliability, privacy, contextual awareness, personalization, and cost-effectiveness.

San Diego, April 19, 2024 – Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Meta announced a collaboration to optimize the execution of the Meta Llama 3 large language model (LLM) directly on terminals such as smartphones, PCs, VR/AR headsets, and automobiles. Running Llama 3 on the terminal side offers significant advantages, including excellent responsiveness, enhanced privacy and reliability, and delivering more personalized experiences for users.

“We appreciate Meta’s open strategy for Meta Llama 3,” said Madhuri Maganti, Senior Vice President of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., and General Manager of Technical Planning and Edge Solutions Business. “Both Qualcomm and Meta are committed to empowering developers to drive AI innovation. Qualcomm’s leadership in terminal-side AI, combined with its extensive market presence across various edge terminals, enables us to expand the advantages of the Llama ecosystem globally, empowering customers, partners, and developers to create a new generation of pioneering AI experiences.”

The collaboration aims to empower OEMs and developers to support Llama 3 on terminals featuring future flagship Snapdragon platforms, promoting the widespread adoption of generative AI capabilities. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.’s powerful heterogeneous computing can seamlessly utilize leading CPU, GPU, and NPU processors, combined with advanced memory architecture, empowering customers, partners, and developers to achieve optimal application performance, efficiency, and battery life.

Developers can access relevant resources and tools through Qualcomm’s AI Hub to optimize running Llama 3 on Snapdragon platforms. Qualcomm’s AI Hub currently offers around 100 optimized AI models, enabling developers to reduce time to market and leverage the advantages of terminal-side AI in their applications. For the latest updates, subscribe to Qualcomm’s monthly developer newsletter.

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and Meta are committed to driving innovation and creating the next generation of AI experiences. This collaboration marks an important milestone in the ongoing partnership between the two companies, demonstrating their relentless efforts to empower developers and users with robust AI capabilities.

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