Xiaomi SU7 Orders Top 70K, Lei Jun Suggests Other Brands for Urgent Buyers

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun Reveals Latest Xiaomi SU7 Pre-Order Numbers

On April 23rd, Xiaomi founder, chairman, and CEO Lei Jun announced the latest pre-order figures for the Xiaomi SU7. As of April 20th, the pre-orders have surpassed 70,000 units.

Lei Jun stated that they are currently expanding production capacity at full throttle, aiming to deliver over 100,000 units by the end of the year. The delivery of the standard version and Max, originally scheduled for the end of April, has been advanced to April 18th.

The day before, Lei Jun posted on Weibo suggesting other domestic electric vehicle options for urgent buyers. He recommended three models and encouraged users to consider them.

Lei Jun Recommends 3 Models

Recommended by Lei Jun:

Xiaopeng, Zhiji Extend Thanks

On the 22nd, Lei Jun stated in a post that the production capacity and delivery speed of Xiaomi SU7 are rapidly increasing, with the standard version and Max already delivered ahead of schedule. Many prospective car owners found the estimated delivery time advanced on the Xiaomi Car app. Lei Jun also revealed that detailed information on production capacity and delivery plans would be presented at the Beijing Auto Show.

“If users urgently need to buy a car, domestic electric vehicles are also good options, such as Zhiji S7, NIO ET5, Xiaopeng P7 series, and others,” Lei Jun expressed.

Lei Jun's Weibo Post

After Lei Jun’s Weibo post, topics like “Lei Jun’s Perspective” and “Lei Jun Suggests Considering Zhiji S7 for Urgent Car Buyers” quickly trended on Weibo, with many netizens praising his broad perspective.

In response, Zhiji Automobile and Xiaopeng Motors officially expressed their gratitude. Ma Lin, vice president of brand and communications at NIO, also retweeted the post, welcoming Lei Jun to the NIO booth at the Beijing Auto Show to experience the new ET7.

Gratitude from Zhiji and Xiaopeng

NIO's Response

NIO's Response

Previously, several media outlets reported that NIO and Zhiji were “stealing” Xiaomi’s orders.

According to Caijing News on the 23rd, NIO’s offline stores offered corresponding subsidies to consumers who had pre-ordered Xiaomi SU7. Sales representatives at NIO’s stores stated, “As long as you place an order, we will also subsidize 5,000 yuan. Our ‘down payment’ is also 5,000 yuan, and even if you lock in the order and the factory starts production, you can still cancel and get a refund.”

On April 22nd, according to Red Star News, there were rumors that Huawei’s Zhiji S7 was “snatching” orders from Xiaomi SU7: purchasing any Zhiji S7 would directly deduct the non-refundable 5,000 yuan deposit for locking in a Xiaomi SU7. On April 21st, a staff member at a Huawei authorized experience store in Chengdu stated, “There is indeed such a policy. All Huawei HiCar signed stores nationwide can apply for customers.”

Regarding this, according to First Financial News, an insider from Huawei stated they were unaware of it. A dealer in Guangdong Province commented, “We also learned about the deduction message from online news. It’s possible that some stores are doing their own promotions.”

Zhiji is a brand jointly created by Chery and Huawei, and Zhiji S7 is the first model under Zhiji and the first sedan under Hongmeng Intelligent Travel.

Such cross-brand transactions are not uncommon. After Weimar New M7 became a hit last year, there was also a “confrontation” between Huawei and Ideal, with rumors circulating that those who paid a deposit for Weimar New M7 could get a refund for their deposit by purchasing an Ideal car with a screenshot of the deposit.

Various Brands Release New Products

Xiaomi SU7 Official Version Delivery Advanced

According to China Business News, sales consultants at Xiaomi’s flagship store (Xiaomi Home) in Joy City, Shanghai, recently told reporters, “Test driving Xiaomi SU7 requires queuing, with a wait of 3-5 days.” “There are 200,000 people in Shanghai who have reserved test drives, and it currently takes about 20 weeks from placing an order to delivery.”

While Xiaomi SU7 is making waves in the automotive industry, many car companies are vying for the market. Since April 1st, nearly 15 new cars have been launched or officially launched.

On the other hand, car companies have initiated a price war to seek “volume through price.” Public data shows that as of April 16th, more than 12 car companies have launched various forms of promotional activities. Moreover, top executives of car companies such as Yin Tongyue, chairman of Chery Holding Group, and Wei Jianjun, chairman of Great Wall Motors, have recently participated in live broadcasts, attracting widespread attention.

At 4:00 p.m. on April 18th, Lei Jun also started a live broadcast on Douyin to “chat about the 20 days since the launch of Xiaomi SU7” with netizens.

During the live broadcast, Lei Jun mentioned that the official version of Xiaomi SU7 has begun delivery in many places today, advancing from the original plan of the end of April to April 18th.

Lei Jun stated that Xiaomi SU7’s sales exceeded expectations by 3 to 5 times, which was somewhat painful. However, their partners have been quite supportive, and the acceleration has been rapid.

When asked whether Xiaomi’s automotive endeavor has been successful, Lei Jun mentioned it’s still early to judge its success, but the first phase can be considered successful. The car manufacturing cycle is relatively long, and Xiaomi is a company with a long-term vision, emphasizing the importance of ensuring the quality of cars and providing excellent service to customers.

Lei Jun stated that Xiaomi’s automotive delivery center currently covers 29 cities nationwide, which are major markets for new energy vehicles. By the end of this year, Xiaomi’s automotive delivery center will cover 40 cities.

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