New iPad Drop! Apple Event Announced, See You May 7

Apple’s Upcoming Special Event Preview

Apple has officially announced a new special event, scheduled for May 7 at 10 p.m. Beijing time. Interested individuals can tune in to watch the event live on Apple’s official website.

Based on the teaser poster released by Apple, it features an Apple Pencil. This suggests that the event will likely unveil a new line of iPad devices along with the next-generation Apple Pencil.

Apple Event Teaser

Recent reports indicate that the event may introduce the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models.

According to leaked information, the upcoming 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro models are rumored to be the first iPads to feature OLED displays.

Compared to the current LCD panels, OLED technology is expected to offer advantages such as higher brightness, increased contrast ratio, lower power consumption, and other enhancements.

OLED Display Upgrade

It’s worth noting that iPad Pro models released since 2017 have supported ProMotion, enabling variable refresh rates between 24Hz and 120Hz. If the new iPad Pro adopts OLED screens, it may further lower the refresh rate to 10Hz or below, enhancing battery life.

Refresh Rate Potential Increase

With the switch to OLED screens, the new iPad Pro is expected to come with a higher price tag due to the advanced technology.

Apart from the OLED displays, there are several other rumored upgrades for the new iPad Pro models.

Leaked CAD renders suggest that while the general design may not change significantly, the new iPad Pro might feature a centrally located front camera similar to the 10th generation iPad, making it more natural for landscape video calls.

In terms of performance, the new iPad Pro lineup will likely be powered by Apple’s M3 chip for improved efficiency and speed.

Regarding imaging capabilities, upgrades are expected in the new iPad Pro series. There are also speculations about MagSafe charging support and the development of reverse wireless charging technology for the new iPad Pro.

MagSafe Charging Support

The 11-inch iPad Pro is estimated to have dimensions of 249.7 mm in length, 177.5 mm in width, and 5.1 mm in thickness.

In comparison, the current 11-inch iPad Pro measures 247.6 mm in length, 178.5 mm in width, and 5.9 mm in thickness.

Additionally, with the front camera adjustment for the iPad Pro series, Apple is likely to extend similar upgrades to the iPad Air and iPad mini product lines in the future.

Reports suggest that Apple is working on two new versions of the iPad Air, codenamed J507 and J537. One of the models is expected to have a design similar to the current iPad Air, with minimal changes.

iPad Air New Version

The other model is speculated to feature a larger display, almost matching the size of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, with dimensions of 280.6 mm in length, 214.9 mm in width, and 6.0 mm in thickness.

Core specifications-wise, the new iPad Air is anticipated to upgrade from the M1 chip to either the M2 or M3 chip.

New iPad Air

Additionally, an update to the Apple Pencil is also expected during this event.

Based on current rumors, the next-generation Apple Pencil might feature a “find” function, interchangeable magnetic tips, and new pressure-sensitive gestures for quick operations.

Updated Apple Pencil

In conclusion, multiple new products are poised to make their debut at the upcoming Apple special event. Users interested in these updates are encouraged to stay tuned.

As for the highly anticipated iPad mini refresh, it is uncertain whether it will be unveiled at the same event, but leaks have suggested a possible release later this year.

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