Is 128GB Enough? Apple Promotes iCloud Storage

Is 128GB Enough for iPhone Users?

Many entry-level Android devices now start with a storage capacity of 256GB. On the other hand, iPhones have remained at 128GB as the starting point in recent years. Surprisingly, Apple seems to find this perfectly suitable.

Is 128GB Enough for Apple?

Recently, Apple released a promotional video claiming that even the 128GB iPhone 15 can be highly functional. The catch is not to physically expand the phone’s storage but to lighten its load by utilizing iCloud storage space.

According to Apple, the iPhone 15 is perfectly adequate. Just WeChat alone could take up dozens of gigabytes, and games like Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd cannot be uploaded to the cloud. Moreover, expanding iCloud storage would cost at least several dollars per month, and downloading data from the cloud requires more data usage. Therefore, 128GB of storage space may still feel a bit tight for the average consumer.

iCloud Storage Options

Hence, the main aim of Apple’s video seems to be promoting their iCloud services. Even in the iPhone 15 lineup, the Pro version starts at 128GB, while only the Pro Max starts at 256GB. To alleviate storage concerns, one must either pay extra for a larger capacity version or invest in expanding iCloud storage. Therefore, in recent years, Apple’s strategy of squeezing hardware capabilities further shouldn’t come as a surprise. This approach enables them to profit from both hardware and software upgrades. Tim Cook’s calculations are truly meticulous!

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