Vivo X Fold3: Slim, Secure & Portable Foldables

Slim, Secure, and Portable: The Next Generation vivo X Fold3 Series

What comes to mind when foldable screen models are mentioned? Is it the advantages of a large screen or the dual screens, or is it the extremely poor battery life and the heavy weight that makes your hands tired? However, I believe that many users who have not yet made up their minds are mostly deterred by the heaviness of foldable screens. The concern about developing tenosynovitis due to the weight of the device, which can easily exceed half a kilogram, is quite valid. Nevertheless, the recently launched next-generation vivo X Fold3 series introduces a lighter and more robust feel with advanced hinge technology, providing a more secure anti-drop capability.

vivo X Fold3

Firstly, in terms of weight and thickness, the entry-level vivo X Fold3 has reduced its weight by as much as 60.5 grams compared to the previous generation, now weighing in at 219 grams, making it the lightest among all foldable screen phones on the market. It is even lighter than most flat flagship models. The high-end version, vivo X Fold3 Pro, weighs only 236 grams, placing it in the top tier of the industry. With a thickness of 4.65 millimeters in the unfolded state and 10.2 millimeters in the folded state, users are provided with a more ergonomic grip experience, ensuring even those with smaller hands can firmly hold the phone when folded.

vivo X Fold3 Pro

Lastly, in terms of anti-drop capability, the outer screen of the vivo X Fold3 series is made of stronger armored glass material. By incorporating special crystals internally to increase its overall rigidity, the material’s internal structure is stabilized, resulting in an 11-fold increase in anti-drop ability. The combination of UTG ultra-tough glass and impact-resistant film leverages the advantages of both materials. In the event of an accidental drop, it effectively disperses external forces and minimizes damage caused as a result.

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