5.5G Launches! OPPO Debuts with Find X7 Preview

The Era of 5.5G: OPPO Find X7 Series to Support Next-Generation Connectivity

Unbelievably, just a few years after 5G was introduced, 5.5G has emerged. Indeed, China is making remarkable strides in terms of speed in this domain!

Recently, OPPO’s CEO, Liu Zuohu, shared an image revealing the “5GA” signal on a smartphone, which signifies the much-anticipated 5.5G technology. Without delay, OPPO officially announced that the OPPO Find X7 series would be the first to support 5.5G communication – truly groundbreaking!

5.5G represents an enhanced version of 5G, boasting download speeds of over ten gigabits, approximately ten times faster than current 5G technology! Following OPPO’s pioneering move, it is expected that other manufacturers will soon follow suit. Some lucky Find X7 users have already received the update package, leaving others envious!



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