OPPO Unveils Breakthrough 5.5G Tech

OPPO Enters the Era of 5.5G: A Breakthrough in Mobile Networks

On March 28, the head of the OPPO Find series products, Zhou Yibao, posted on Weibo, announcing that OPPO has entered the era of 5.5G.

OPPO Find X7 Series

Zhou Yibao shared a screenshot on Weibo, showing the signal status in the top right corner of the phone’s lock screen as 5GA, which is more commonly known as 5.5G. Furthermore, Zhou Yibao stated in the post, “Let’s enter the new era of 5.5G together with everyone!” revealing the arrival of the new era of 5.5G mobile networks.

OPPO Find Series Product Manager Zhou Yibao on Weibo

OPPO Unveils Breakthrough 5.5G Technology

Some bloggers mentioned that the OPPO Find X7 series will soon be the first to support 5G-A (5.5G) at its industry debut, with OTA firmware already prepared. Theoretically, 5G-A can achieve 10 times faster connection speed and reduced latency, with downstream in tens of gigabits and upstream in gigabits. However, this technology is not too rare, as most new devices with the third-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform and Dimensity 9300 theoretically support it.

Blogger's Message

However, from Zhou Yibao’s Weibo post, it can be inferred that the phone he is using is the unreleased OPPO Find X7 Ultra Satellite version. It remains uncertain whether this technology will be initially introduced in the satellite communication model. In comparison to the previously released Find X7 Ultra, the satellite communication version stands out with the integration of satellite communication technology. Moreover, rumors suggest that the 1TB version, not seen in the standard version before, will be exclusive to the satellite version.

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