Latest 2024 U.S. Phone Rankings: Xiaomi 3rd, Apple 4th, Leader Far Ahead

Update on Smartphone Activation Rankings in China (W15: April 8-14)

On April 20th, the latest rankings for smartphone activations in China were released. The standings are as follows:

Smartphone Rankings

  • Vivo claimed the top spot with a market share of 17.1%, securing a comfortable lead over other manufacturers. Despite a slight decrease compared to the previous week (W14: April 1-7), Vivo maintained a 1% lead over the second-place contender. This dip was expected as the Vivo X Fold3 series was launched on April 3. Notably, the market share of iQOO smartphones dropped from 4% to 3.7%. However, the upcoming release of the iQOO Z9 series on the 24th promises an imminent increase in market share.

Vivo Smartphone Ranking

  • Honor secured second place with a 16.1% market share, a slight improvement from the previous week’s performance (15.8%). Despite not releasing any new models during W15, Honor consistently maintained a market share of over 15.5% in the last 8 weeks, an enviable achievement for many manufacturers. Xiaomi slipped from 16.2% to 15.7% in market share. However, the upcoming release of the Redmi Turbo3 during W16 fuels anticipation for a resurgence in market share.

Honor Smartphone Ranking

  • Apple climbed from 14.1% to 14.8% in market share. However, the continuous release of domestic smartphones has led to a significant year-on-year decline for Apple in the Chinese market. Apple’s market share has consistently remained below 15% over the past 3 weeks, indicating an increasing gap between the company and mainstream domestic smartphone manufacturers. The current trend suggests that Apple might fall out of the top three in the Chinese market in 2024, a scenario that was unimaginable just a year ago.

Apple Smartphone Ranking

  • OPPO claimed the fifth spot with a market share of 14.1%, showing a slight improvement from the previous week (13.9%). The increase, however, was not substantial. The release of the OPPO Find X7 Ultra satellite communication edition during W15 and promotional activities for the Find X7 series contributed to this rise. The upcoming OPPO A13 Pro is poised to debut in W16, as is the OPPO K12, both of which are positioned as mid-range to entry-level 5G smartphones. OnePlus maintained a stable market share of 1.9% in both the previous and current weeks, with no rumors of new model releases in the near future.

OPPO Smartphone Ranking

  • Huawei secured the sixth position with a market share of 13.7%, showing a slight decline from the W14 score of 13.7%. The launch of the Huawei Pura70 series has the potential to influence market performance in W16 (April 15-21), warranting a comparison with the Huawei Mate60 series to be fair. Smartisan held a market share of 2.4%, while Realme saw a rise from 1.3% to 1.5%. The release of the Realme GT Neo6 SE on April 17 suggests potential growth in market share for Realme in W16. Other smartphone market shares increased from 4.3% to 4.5%.

Huawei Smartphone Ranking

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the state of smartphone activations in China during W15 reflects several noteworthy trends. Vivo and iQOO’s continued dominance is impressive, while Honor’s consistent performance is admirable. The imminent arrival of new Xiaomi models adds anticipation for next week’s rankings and data. Apple’s improved market share is notable, emphasizing the need for OPPO to step up its game. The performance of the Huawei Nova series fell short of expectations, yet the official launch of the Pura70 series deserves attention. Lastly, Smartisan remains stable, and expectations are high for the debut of the Realme GT Neo6 SE in the following week.

Final Thoughts

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