Xiaomi Responds to “Mi SU7 Max Paint Peel” Video

Xiaomi Responds to MI SU7 Max Paint Peel Video

On April 23, Xiaomi officially responded to the video claiming “Xiaomi SU7 Max paint peeling two days after delivery.” The company verified that the video contains misleading content.

According to Xiaomi, the user in the video is not the first owner of the car, and it has not been “two days after delivery” as claimed. The paint peeling was caused by the first owner of the car applying a full car color film. Subsequently, when the user removed the film, it led to the paint peeling on the inner side of the bumper, which is not a problem originating from the factory.


Xiaomi also reminded users that the SU7 bumper uses a three-layer spray process of primer, topcoat, and clear coat to ensure consistency with the car’s body color. However, improper film application or removal during use can potentially cause damage to the paint surface.

Source: DoNews

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