15.5B Social Media Profiles, 15.08M Pro Streamers

With the rapid development of mobile internet, the short-form video industry has experienced an unprecedented boom. According to the latest data from the “China Network Audiovisual Development Research Report (2024),” as of December 2023, the total number of short video accounts on the internet has exceeded 1.55 billion, with the number of professional streamers soaring to 15.08 million, showcasing the tremendous potential and vitality of China’s network audiovisual market.

This skyrocketing figure not only demonstrates the prosperity of the short-form video industry but also reflects the rapid development of China’s online cultural industry. From the sizable number of practitioners to the considerable market size, network audiovisual content has become an important force in the new production capacity of the digital economy. Short videos, as an important part of this sector, are attracting more and more user attention and participation with their unique charm and advantages.

Professional streamers, as a key force in the short video industry, also reflect its prosperity and maturity through their growing numbers. There are now 15.08 million professional streamers, who showcase their talents and share moments of their life through short video platforms, establishing a close connection with the audience. Moreover, with the continuous improvement and innovation of short video platforms, streamers have a broader space for development and can realize commercial value in various ways, injecting new vitality into the industry.

Short Video Livestreams Empower E-commerce and Cultural Tourism Development

With the swift advancement of mobile internet and the widespread use of smart devices, short video livestreaming as a new form of information dissemination is gradually changing people’s lifestyles and consumption habits. This is especially true in the fields of e-commerce and cultural tourism, where short video livestreaming’s distinct traits of being vivid and interactive have become new forces driving industry growth.

The rise of short video livestreaming has brought unprecedented opportunities to the e-commerce and cultural tourism industries. E-commerce platforms can vividly showcase product features and advantages through livestreaming, capturing consumer attention and increasing sales conversion rates. Additionally, interactive elements during live broadcasts, such as Q&A sessions and giveaways, also enhance consumer engagement and desire to purchase.

In the cultural tourism sector, short video livestreaming has shown considerable potential. It allows the scenic beauty, cultural features, and local customs of tourist sites to be vividly presented, providing consumers with a novel travel experience. Moreover, streamers can share travel tips and recommend local cuisine during the livestream, which helps consumers better plan their trips and enhance their satisfaction.

The application of short video livestreaming in e-commerce and cultural tourism not only improves the consumer shopping experience but also brings more traffic and sales to merchants. Statistics show that an increasing number of users are making purchases or choosing travel destinations after watching short video livestreams. This new marketing approach is becoming a mainstream trend in the e-commerce and cultural tourism industries.

Additionally, short video livestreaming also drives innovation and development within these industries. On one hand, e-commerce platforms and tourism companies are strengthening their collaboration with short video platforms to create new livestream marketing models; on the other hand, short video platforms are exploring new content and formats to meet the growing consumer demand.

Network Audiovisual User Base Exceeds 1 Billion

In the wake of rapid information technology development, China’s network audiovisual industry has seen unparalleled prosperity. The latest “China Network Audiovisual Development Research Report (2024)” reveals that as of December 2023, the user base of China’s network audiovisual services has reached a staggering 1.074 billion, with an astonishing usage rate of 98.3% among netizens. This firmly establishes network audiovisual content as the “number one internet application.”

This data not only highlights the immense potential and market size of China’s network audiovisual industry but also reflects the strong demand and reliance of the population on these services. From short to long videos, from live streams to audio content, network audiovisual has become an essential part of daily life, profoundly affecting the way people acquire information, engage in leisure activities, and interact socially.

It is noteworthy that among various network audiovisual applications, short video apps have the highest user stickiness. According to statistics, the average daily usage time for short video apps has reached 151 minutes, which far exceeds that of other types of applications such as long videos, live streams, and audio. This reflects not only the diverse and attractive content of short videos but also modern people’s efficient use of fragmented time in a fast-paced life.

Moreover, with the proliferation of mobile internet and smart devices, the reach of network audiovisual users is continuously expanding. The user base in rural areas is growing steadily, with a growth rate that outpaces urban users, indicating the untapped potential of network audiovisual in rural markets.

The prosperity of the network audiovisual industry would not be possible without the active innovation and efforts of various platforms. They attract a large user base by optimizing content production, enhancing user experience, and strengthening technological advances. Additionally, the government and various sectors of society have paid close attention and provided support to the healthy development of the industry, collectively promoting its standardization and sustainable growth.

Market Size Surpasses a Major Milestone for the First Time

As reported in the latest “China Network Audiovisual Development Research Report (2024),” in 2023, the market size of the network audiovisual industry, including long videos, short videos, live streams, and audio content, exceeded the trillion yuan threshold for the first time, reaching an impressive 11,524.81 billion yuan.

This breakthrough not only signifies a new phase of development for China’s network audiovisual industry but also underscores its central role in the digital economy. As a major force in the production capacity of the digital economy, the network audiovisual industry is profoundly changing people’s lifestyles and consumption patterns with its unique appeal and advantages.

Over the past year, the network audiovisual industry has shown robust growth. With the ubiquity of mobile internet and smart devices, more and more consumers are turning to network audiovisual platforms for information, entertainment, and social interaction, leading to rapid increases in user base size and time spent on these applications.

Short video applications, in particular, stand out with their concise and rich content, rapidly drawing the attention and affection of a vast number of users. According to statistics, the average daily usage time for short video apps reached 151 minutes, making them among the most popular applications in the network audiovisual sector.

In addition to short video applications, other network audiovisual applications like long videos, live streams, and audio are also showing positive growth. These applications continue to innovate and diversify their content offerings, satisfying the varied demands of users.

The rapid development of the network audiovisual industry is largely due to the proactive innovation and efforts of various platforms. They engage a large user base through strengthening content production, enhancing user experiences, and advancing technology. Moreover, platforms are also intensifying content review and management practices to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of information, providing a safer and more reliable online environment for users.

With ongoing technological advancements and market expansion, China’s network audiovisual industry is expected to face even broader growth prospects and opportunities. There is every reason to believe that, with the concerted efforts of all parties, the industry will continue to maintain a strong momentum, offering richer and higher-quality content to the public and promoting the prosperity and development of China’s cultural industry.

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