Apple’s “Presto” Device: Wirelessly Update Your iPhone

Apple’s Revolutionary “Presto” Device for Wireless iPhone Updates

Apple has always been known for pushing software updates to their iPhones regularly, ensuring users get the best experience. In the past, when you bought a phone from a retail store, it came with the factory-installed software version, limiting the ability to update it without opening the packaging. However, Apple has reportedly developed a device that can wirelessly update iPhones without the need to unbox them.

Apple's Presto Device

This innovative hardware from Apple is named “Presto,” designed to offer system updates for phones that are still sealed in their packaging, which sounds truly fascinating. The Presto device can accommodate up to six iPhones simultaneously, connecting to them via NFC. Once connected successfully, it automatically updates the iPhones, taking around 15-30 minutes to complete the software update. Retailers can now update the iPhones without unboxing them, ensuring customers can enjoy the latest software immediately and that unsold iPhones can be patched promptly, preventing a decline in user experience due to serious bugs.

Apple's Presto Device

The exact workings of the device are not yet clear, but Apple aims to roll it out to all Apple retail stores in the US by this summer and potentially expand to more stores in the future. It seems Apple is gearing up for the release of the iPhone 16 this year, possibly aligning the packaging design with the “Presto” device. It remains to be seen if “Presto” will also enable wireless charging for iPhones to avoid a drop in battery life during the 30-minute update process. Furthermore, updating an iPhone 14 directly to iOS 18 could strain the device’s performance, leading to customer dissatisfaction.

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