Samsung & JD Launch Neo QLED 4K QNX9D with Pre-Sale Gifts

At the recently concluded AWE2024 event, Samsung partnered with to unveil their latest innovation—the Neo QLED 4K QNX9D. This new product, known for its exceptional performance and superior user experience, has quickly won the hearts of consumers. It received the highly acclaimed APEAL Gold Word of Mouth Award at AWE2024, often referred to as the “Oscars of the global smart living sector.” The Samsung Neo QLED 4K QNX9D redefines intelligent display products with its advanced NQ4AI Gen2 AI chip, which improves both audio and visual quality, and offers comprehensive home solutions. The product is currently available for pre-order at Samsung’s official flagship store, allowing consumers to upgrade their home appliances and create a home filled with “AI-driven technology and art.”

Quantum Dot Mini LED Precise Lighting Ushers in a New Era of Image Quality

Armed with the NQ4AI Gen2 chip, the Samsung Neo QLED 4K QNX9D features 4K AI image enhancement technology supported by 20 AI neural networks. Whether watching OTT content or live sports, the powerful chip elevates source resolution to near-4K levels. The television uses Quantum Dot Matrix Technology to control Samsung’s Quantum Dot Mini LEDs with unparalleled precision. With depth enhancer technology that simulates human eye depth processing, viewers experience a heightened sense of reality. Through the AI chip, the HDR brightness optimizer vividly enhances HDR images, and an automatic HDR quality reconstruction feature through deep learning algorithms converts SDR content to HDR-like quality, bringing out bright highlights, vibrant colors, and clear details. HDR10+ adaptive mapping technology dynamically adapts to scene characteristics, achieving deep contrast levels. Additionally, the TV is certified by Pantone for color accuracy, displaying 2030 Pantone colors and 110 new skin tones, ensuring users enjoy true-to-life visuals.

Dolby Atmos Certified for a Cinematic 3D Surround Sound Experience

Empowered by the chip to enhance stunning visuals, the Samsung Neo QLED 4K QNX9D also offers superior sound. Intelligent Sound Pro technology separates vocals from mixed audio, boosting vocal clarity even in noisy environments. Adaptive Sound Pro optimizes audio based on the playback environment and content characteristics, achieving a more vibrant and balanced sound. Upgraded Dolby Atmos technology combined with 40W 2.2Ch speakers and OTS Lite audio tracking creates an immersive 3D sound field fit for a cinema. The Q Symphony feature allows the Samsung TV and soundbars to create a harmonious audio experience, deeply immersing viewers in an exceptional auditory feast. Notably, the Samsung QNX9D elevates the 360 Audio mode. When paired with Galaxy Buds, the earbuds’ multi-channel capabilities and enhanced head tracking can precisely locate the direction of sounds when moving your head, offering a realistic spatial 3D sound experience.

Built-In Extensive Multimedia Resources for an Upgraded Lifestyle Experience

The innovation in the Samsung Neo QLED 4K QNX9D’s software system enhances the entertainment experience. The new Tizen operating system comes with a wealth of film, music, and other multimedia resources and is compatible with hundreds of apps, ensuring access to premium entertainment services. With a plug-and-play microphone and “Q Symphony” technology, the TV and soundbar can play accompaniment simultaneously, instantly transforming your living room into a karaoke venue when using apps like “Everyone’s KTV” or “Sing Bar.” Its gaming features are equally impressive, with a 120Hz refresh rate for smooth visuals in fast-moving scenes and the Gaming Hub, which aggregates a vast array of game content, allowing players to enjoy over 2000 games.

Beyond providing diverse home entertainment options, the Samsung QNX9D thoughtfully integrates home management, health and fitness, and work and study applications. With AI technology, it creates an open application ecosystem, enabling interactive operations and intelligent management between devices, allowing users to enjoy a convenient, comfortable, and energy-efficient future life. The TV includes a built-in SmartThings hub, which connects and controls Matter devices and SmartThings-compatible Zigbee devices, making it easy to customize intelligent home scenarios and simplify daily chores. A 3D panoramic map feature helps users monitor and control home appliances and IoT devices, serving as a central control hub. Health Index features assist in the daily monitoring of bodily health data without the need for wearables or additional devices. Meanwhile, the Multi-View function enables smart split-screen, displaying TV and smartphone content simultaneously. Just connect your smartphone to multitask, watching TV while working or enjoying entertainment effortlessly.

As a global technology leader, Samsung is committed to continuously innovating to revitalize consumer leisure and entertainment. Its long-term deep partnership with has fostered technological advancements and the construction of segmented market tracks for home appliances. In the future, both parties will continue to introduce more high-quality, high-value television products, driven by personalized consumer needs, to help upgrade industry structures and create a new smart, convenient living room experience.

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